Monday, August 27, 2012

Craziness 8-27-12

Oh the craziness that family will put you through at times. I have this cousin that his newest "fun" thing to do when he is bored is to put me down or make seem mad or even make me seem crazy to others... last year he made it his goal in life to constantly put me down and make me look stupid to others, this being said, according to him "your bow will never shoot and you will never get it up to the legal limits of 40 lbs draw weight, and even if you do, it will break the first time you shoot it because you don't know the first thing about making a bow."  Really? Well as it seems my bow shoots at 46 lbs and has fired numerous times... this one I believe was out of jealousy but I never can tell..

The next time we were dealing with the yard flooding with sewer water from the sewer in the street and I had picked up several leeches and posted the pictures on Facebook to which my cousin in his infinate wisdom of nature has to try and make me out to be stupid states... " you don't know what you're talking about that is not a leech but is a common slug" and then tries to get me to argue the point, when I post pictures of a slug he says "there are many types of slugs and that's just a different kind than the one you posted before" I finally told him to come over and I would put it on him and let him see first hand that it is not a slug but a leech, to which he declined to do...

This time around he has on 2 occasions last week and again twice tonight attempted to both make me look crazy and then look like a prejudice something rather... before it was about a post about seeing a drone fly over which has been documented to which he poked fun and made fun then quickly changed the subject to something else.. this time he flat out called me a "white suppremesist" and "leader of the KKK" over an article I posted about an egg shortage.... needless to say I deleted him from Facebook but that still didn't stop him, he started emailing me and private messeging me telling me that I'm crazy and that I need to get professional help, and accusing me of doing things to him.... he told me I was "paranoid and delusional" then also told me I was a "wanna be army type that didn't know shit and can only survive off others because when the going gets tough, you quit." Really? Wow! I think this is funny coming from a guy that got kicked outta the marines during boot camp "because I wouldn't let them controlled me" really? Oh and refuses to work a regular job cause he "owes 10+ years on back taxes for not filing" yet he worked as a cook at Denny's for a month and quit cause he "couldn't take the staff who all had bipolar disorders" .... hmmm and calls me complaining that he and his dad got into it and was kicked out of the house cause his dad was moving back into it.... have I mentioned that my cousin is a 55 yr old "man"....

Sigh, sorry about ranging tonight after hot even posting in nearly a month but I had to get it out