Saturday, September 22, 2012


I know I haven't been keeping up as of late and really haven't been writing as I promised myself that I would every few days to post when I have the chance... I know I know I should be taken out and be flogged right? Well anyways we finally made it to town to the internet, I know I have blogger on my phone as well and that is how I posted the previous one I believe but I can't remember... Anyways recently I have been a really lazy butt I guess and slacking on a lot of things that I know I should be hunkering down on but I really can't remember why or how I haven't. I draw a blank when I try and go over the last few weeks in my head and don't know what I have done.. Matter fact, I don't really remember writing the last entry until I saw it in my list . I remember going to a friends house last weekend and we played a trivia game, "Time" and Nate played Black Ops and Halo: Reach with his kids, I remember drying all of the tents because they got wet in the back of the truck from all of the monsoon like rains of the last week.... Ah that's right, the rain... perhaps it is because of all of the rain, the entire 14 inches of rain that we received that also killed a lot of my garden... OK so that being said, I know I've been at work and stressing over the fact of not having a boss now cause she quit and things not getting done, I also know I have applied for a job for the state with better pay and better hours, and have listened to several talk radio shows while at work as well. Oh just remembered this new phone, social media.. err rather face plant book.. I guess I really have done more than I could remember... anyways will write more later . I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up but will do soon.