Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 17 Starting anew... and how we are doing.

Hey hows it going? Sitting here at the library waiting for my portable programs to update whiuch havnt been updated in a long time because i constantly forget them at home. Anyways an update on how life has been as of late. We have officially moved from our tiny little home of the last 3 years and are now in a bigger place. This being said i will be able to start working on recipies, videos and other projects again that have been put off for the last 3 years. I will still be doing bible studies and other things as well. I really enjoy that I know that bible studies that I share are actually being read by many people from around the world. I enjoying spreading the word of God and our savior Jesus. i still have many guitars i need to be putting together along with other crafts that i should be making.. I just havnt had the time as of late to get them all put together as of yet. Anyway we have a new house we just moved into, wich has 5 acres of land which is more than enough of what we will need. We have plans on what to do on this land over the next few years and will be posting all that we will be doing soon.