Saturday, February 07, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Today has been warm and so we have been cleaning around our little farm. We have 2 existing barns on the property and we put our rabbits in one of them for now. The people before us that lived here had horses and didn't take care of the barn which was full of manure which was dried for the most part, so today we went out and cleaned the majority of it.
   We cleaned out the rabbit hutches and feed them, as well as made sure everything was clean for them. I believe I will build all new hutches and design them so that they will be a lot easier to clean and give us better access to the rabbits as well.

We plan on also having chickens soon as well and I will need to start building the coops for them soon before we get them. I really cant wait to have fresh eggs all the time and cant wait to have our little farm become more and more self sustaining. some of the next things we are also planing on is getting other set ups for power as well. We get a lot of wind out here often so I am really thinking of putting in a couple windmills perhaps and possibly even some solar power. we have gotten our power down to about $10 or less per day and I'm thinking it will be even lower in the summer.

Today I also took my bike out (it was Christmas present from work for going to the Christmas party) and rode it to the post office which is about a mile from our house, so its not a long ride but was a nice one. the wind is only blowing today enough to make it a little hard to ride especially for some one as out of shape as me.. but at least I'm going to start getting back in shape by riding.