Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gone fishing

Mar 21 2012

Went fishing again today and I got a text teling me one of my residents (the one that has been in and out of the hospital the past few weeks) was being taken off of life support. About 3 hours later i get told that he had passed away. Its sad that alot of people with developmental disabilities really have no one, he had been in the system for most of his life and his family never had anything to do with him after putting him in a sanaterium at a young age. It really is sad to think how it must be to die alone, even if you are in a comatose state and non responsive when a person in in the room with you.. Do you still hear it? Do you still feel alone? Are you scared considering that you may be afraid to be alone? The resident I refer to was pschizofrenic and heard voices on a regular basis that he would talk to or yell at... Did you know that most people with that disorder hear either a woman whispering or a man with a deep voice yelling at them... I'm guessing he heard the woman, always reffered to it as honey or b*tch... then again having a disorder like this could also be some form of possession couldn't it? I saw some strange things with this guy. Enough that made me wonder, including not being able to walk and move one moment and then beating the crap outtaa me and walking around the next moment. I know some people don't believe demons exist, even Christians don't believe in them anymore, but yet they will tell you that the bible and everything in it is real. My question is how can you believe in one and not the other..

While we were fishing today I was contacted by an old very good friend who stopped by and we fished for several hours, its good to still have friends that want to hang out. We remenissed about old times and some of the very stupid things we did in our younger days.

OK well im gonna leave this post ti be pondered for the moment and will post more later...