Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rather ill over the last few days

Mar 19 2012
Its been a different time this weekend, I became sick and had horrible diarea and felt like vomiting the entire time. I also had problems sleeping between the horrible visions that kept me awake during times of fever flashes of both hot and cold. Apparently the dog was having issues as well and I kept boucing him around the bed every time he would just find a comfortable spot I was launching him back up and into the air to find another comfortable spot.

This is day three of this sickness, both the nausia and diarea have subsided but my lungs still feel sorta full... that is how it all started was with a cough... apparently 2 of my residents are also sick with what ever this horrid bug is.

Tomorrow is laundry day and we plan on washing the heaving items and this is the time I hope to upload this entry, we try to the heavy items such as the blue jeans at a laundrymat simply because they are such a problem to wash by hand. After the items are washed and dried I will be packing most of mine away because warm season is back and will not be needing so many long pants or long warm comfy shirts..

Ahh fishing, Saturday we went fishing at the wall and caught 5 nice sized brown catfish, I caught 4 and Sandi caught a really nice size one as well.. and yeah still love her even though she laughed at me when I lost my footing and slid into the lake...  :-P
Well this looks like it is all for today..

Thanks for reading,