Monday, October 14, 2013

My 2 cents on days 9 and 10

In my life I am new at being a Christian as in I have only truely been a Christian since 2010. These last few years have been all about my own personal spiritual journey. I know I am in no ways a perfect Christian, I am no way perfect, I back slide quite regularly. I used to be a real nasty guy that really didn't care about how anyone felt and loved to create strife and pain on a regular basis. I am not that person anymore, I really never want to be that person ever again; hoever, there are times that the person I used to be wants to come out. No matter how hard I try, sometimes the mean old nasty guy shows his ugly face and I end up hurting some one. It is those times that God's love show me that I am still forgiven. Don't get me wrong, there is always consequences for those actions, but it is God's love that is there to show me that I am still loved. God is great and wonderful and mighty and no matter all that I have done in the past, throught Jesus the son of God, I am saved through everlasting love.

For those that don't get it, God always wants us to have what we need.. it took me 20+ years to understand that.. it took me to have children of my own to tottally understand God's love for us all, His children... I know its difficult to understand but it is soooo easy to understand when you step back and just look at things from a diffrent perspective.
I know its a little bit more difficult when you have not had a good relationship with a father figure.. I had a great relationship with my dad, we talked every day, and when I didn't call him, he called me. I know I don't have a great relationship with my kids, frankly it kinda sucks, but I love them more than they will ever understand.

My point being, that is how God loves us, he loves us like our parents love us.. and how we love our children.. unconditionally absolutely unconditionally, even when they tell us they hate us, even when they tell us we are dumb or stupid or even when they say even worse things and try to hurt us.. we love them unconditionally...

Anyways that's my 2 cents on the last 2 days ... catch ya tomorrow

God Bless you all!