Wednesday, November 06, 2013

First 2 cigar box guitar builds

Sorry about the bad lighting in the picture.. these are the first two cigar box guitars that I have made. The first one was made from just junk that I found laying around or salvaged and I call it the "plinker" which is made from an old cookie tin, it has match stick frets and have made several improvements on it since I first built it. It is still one of my favorates to play.. the second one is made from a cohiba cigar box.. I have nicnamed it the "ghost" simply because it has a very haunting sound. I ported it to also be an electric but removed the electronics temporaraly to fix a rattle and the fact that from carving out a little of the wooden through neck it made it weak enough to bend. I have fixed this problem but still need to fix the head so the tuners fit more snugly. I love playin on the ghost as well... I have already composed a bit of music on it and will continue as time goes by. It may also be ready and up for sale in the next few weeks to make room for more builds..