Monday, October 08, 2012

10.02.12 Second Day of Deer Season

Bought my deer tags last night took forever to find a place that would seek them to me ... china mart was not about to have some one in the sporting goods section .. waited for some one to come around for about 30 mins and no one showed.. tried having some one paged still a no show.. so we went to eat and then hit the local sporting goods store... they said they don't sell em... so back to k-mart.. and the lady working pulled each sheet off...then said oops.. needless to say it was supposed to be one long sheet other wise its no good... let's hope it works...  I plan on going out today maybe ... but might have to wait til Thursday..

Update on the trailer.. I still don't know much about what's going on with it yet other than I was told that it just had a leak and that they were trying to repair it... I'm going to try and go look at it after work today..