Monday, October 08, 2012

10.6.12 Even During the Dark Times There's Sometimes a Light to Guide You

The people called me about the trailer and said they were putting a second coat on the camper "cause it still had a small leak above the sink" and if we still wanted it that it would be ready in the next few days. I called around and posted on Facebook about getting some one to pull it for me but to n avail, no luck. So about at Witt's end I posted again about maybe seeing if anyone knew of some one that could attach a 5th wheel hitch to the truck.... out of the blue an friend that I grew up with sends me a message and tells me he could do it pretty cheap. We gathered ourselves and went to pick up the hitch and talked to the people who had the trailer about what was going on and they said "we think we got it fixed but will see the after the rain hits tonight". We made our way to my friends house and get looking and well needless to say with this truck we are truly SOL cause the hitch has to be attached to the frame and there is no way to that with this truck cause the bed is actually sitting up on risers; however, my friend made a call to his cousin and said he will have it hauled fig me for free in the next few days... Thank you Jesus for looking out for me in the dark times..