Monday, October 08, 2012

10.8.12 Interesting Things to Ponder

I am still waiting to find out more about the camper that I am trading my shed for.  They put stuff on the roof to fix it but still cannot get an answer from them as to if it is or not.. the latest answer that I received was, "I don't know if it did or not cause I haven't been down there to look at it, but if it didn't fix it I can't afford to replace the roof." Well ya know, I don't know either, but will be stopping by to look at it thins morning on my way home for sure. I also just got off messenger from a long time friend that has also offered me a house (contract for deed) at a rather good price I guess..but said "no down payment if you clean it up and or fix it up". The house is in a town some 25 miles away, so will have to find an entirely different job as well.. My friend also suggested 3 places that he says hires all the time and also said he could set it up to where I wouldn't have to make a payment for the first month or so if I was interested... it really sounds too good to be true.. so at this time I'm gonna throw it up to God with prayer for discernment and also talk to Sandi about it before even thinking about making a decision... either way I'm hoping to hear from my other friend about getting this camper moved this week...