Thursday, February 08, 2024

we did it!!

A few days ago I wrote a post about making bids on a fairly big contract. We won the bid. 

After getting things set up and getting the contract agreed upon ams signed, I decided I needed to get ahold of somenone to help me do this contract. I met a guy when I was doing work on another site a few weeks ago. He was looking for work to make money to do some repairs on his home. I talked with him while I was taking a cigarette break and found out that he was pretty interesting amd just down on his luck at the moment. After I locked in this contract yesterday, I went back to the town he lives in and asked him if he was serious about needing work. He told me yes and asked if I needed him right now, I told him no and that ot would be in the next couple weeks and that most likely would be after this cold we are are supposed to get next week. Its all outside painting and needs to be at least 40° in order for it to set correctly. So after next week will be the best bet. 
Anyways, as always God likes to put me into situations to give people a hand up instead of hand outs but hasnt been in a while. 
Have a great day and thanks for reading ~W

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Making bids

This past few days has been making me kinda crazy. Luckily I already had some posts rolling around in my head the past few days to get written and post. I have however noticed that my viewership first spiked when I first had started telling the stories from my past and now is down. So not so sure what happened there.

Back to this post, I got a call to do a bid on a painting project and at first didn’t think anything of it. After doing my calculations from all of the measuring, it just shows that little things add up to big numbers.

I’ve also been running numbers on getting an estimate done for another job to do another water line repair. This one has been an ongoing issue in the past because they only want it done for as cheap as possible, which never ends well. This was the same customer that I had talked about in a previous post. But if he will pay for me to do it right this time, then he should be good.

Anyways, from how things are looking at the moment and if things pan out, 2024 is starting out good so far. Thanks for reading ~W

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