Thursday, December 01, 2011

Grilled peanutbutter sandwich by the kerosene heater

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 Its cold outside but we are warm... Everyone is asleep except for me. I am working another morning shift in the tomorrow, so of course my mid nite persona says "you aint sleepin bub" and it bites cause i gotta be up in a few hours for work. I sold my big screen tv so I bought a 19 in one with the cash I got out of it. I also built a digital tv antena from 40' of wire, 3' of pvc pipe and a coax cable I scrounged up. So far so good, we get 9 channels one of which is the pbs radio channel. My title tonight says alot.. I really am eating a grilled pb sandwhich which i cooked on a sheet of alumnum foil on the heater. It is mighty good I might add. Suprisingly, we have not all killed each other yet in this tiny domicile, and something bigger will seem huge when we move into it.. Good night all, and dont forget to let me know you were here.. ~Brad~