Herein lies some of my recipes that I have created and or compiled over many years, most of them are my own and if not I will note it.. I know there are not many here right now but there will be many more coming.. just have patience please until I can get more coming.

WARNING: Some of these recipes may induce weight gain, and Brad does not take responsibility if weight gain occurs

Brad's Cherry Cocktail to help Gout

Recently I was diagnosed with gout, a very horrible horrible disorder. Imagine having kidney stones in your joints, when you get a flare up it is just so painful that you want to die. While doing research for things to prevent flare ups I discovered that sour cherry juice can prevent flare ups... so I came up with this and it doesnt taste bad at all, matter fact it kinda tastes like koolaide™... SEE MORE >>

Brad's Awesome Hummus

Having been diagnosed with gout and researching it, i decided to go with a greek menu for a while to prevent the painful flare-ups it worked for a while and I really like it a lot, since coming up with this recipe I have had many requests for it from people who also suffer from gout...SEE MORE >>

Reuben Brad Style*

I have been making Reubens for a very long time, since high school I think, I do know that is the first place I remember eating one. If you have never eaten one, I suggest that you at least try it once...SEE MORE >>

Reuben In a Can

This is a really odd concoction that I came up with in 2007, if you are in a pinch and cant afford decent corned beef or cant make one, then use corned beef in a can...SEE MORE >>

Cheesecake by Brad*

I first made this cheesecake back in 1992, I took it from an old recipe from an obscure cookbook and added a little bit here and little there. Originally if I remember right, the recipe called for cottage cheese that was boiled down to make cream cheese or something similar there of. When I wrote this recipe down it was from memory and this is what I came up with... the last time I made this prior to writing this down was in 1994...SEE MORE >>

*Disclaimer: Brad is not responsible for kitchen accidents that happen outside of Brad's Kitchen, or kitchens that are not being used by Brad. 
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