Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Updates and the holidays

Well today we stayed in town after a meeting at work that cost me more to get to it than it was worth. the meeting once it started only lasted about 15 mins... We stayed in town because one of my old employers of which I have a lot of respect for, called me and said he wanted to meet with me for lunch at 1pm at one of the local restaurants.

This past week has been of interest and Sandi's sister has been in the hospital, I want to wish her a very speedy recovery and that everything comes out good. She has scared us the past week several times. So we all are praying for ya Christi!

Well its getting to be about the time to get ready and head up to meet with Mr. Lee...

thanks for the read and please leave a note saying you've been here.. ~Brad

Oh thought I would leave you with a pic of this wonderful turkey that Christi made for thanks giving even though its been almost a month... And yes thats bacon... mmmm mmmm