Monday, October 08, 2012

10.8.12 Interesting Things to Ponder

I am still waiting to find out more about the camper that I am trading my shed for.  They put stuff on the roof to fix it but still cannot get an answer from them as to if it is or not.. the latest answer that I received was, "I don't know if it did or not cause I haven't been down there to look at it, but if it didn't fix it I can't afford to replace the roof." Well ya know, I don't know either, but will be stopping by to look at it thins morning on my way home for sure. I also just got off messenger from a long time friend that has also offered me a house (contract for deed) at a rather good price I guess..but said "no down payment if you clean it up and or fix it up". The house is in a town some 25 miles away, so will have to find an entirely different job as well.. My friend also suggested 3 places that he says hires all the time and also said he could set it up to where I wouldn't have to make a payment for the first month or so if I was interested... it really sounds too good to be true.. so at this time I'm gonna throw it up to God with prayer for discernment and also talk to Sandi about it before even thinking about making a decision... either way I'm hoping to hear from my other friend about getting this camper moved this week...

10.6.12 Even During the Dark Times There's Sometimes a Light to Guide You

The people called me about the trailer and said they were putting a second coat on the camper "cause it still had a small leak above the sink" and if we still wanted it that it would be ready in the next few days. I called around and posted on Facebook about getting some one to pull it for me but to n avail, no luck. So about at Witt's end I posted again about maybe seeing if anyone knew of some one that could attach a 5th wheel hitch to the truck.... out of the blue an friend that I grew up with sends me a message and tells me he could do it pretty cheap. We gathered ourselves and went to pick up the hitch and talked to the people who had the trailer about what was going on and they said "we think we got it fixed but will see the after the rain hits tonight". We made our way to my friends house and get looking and well needless to say with this truck we are truly SOL cause the hitch has to be attached to the frame and there is no way to that with this truck cause the bed is actually sitting up on risers; however, my friend made a call to his cousin and said he will have it hauled fig me for free in the next few days... Thank you Jesus for looking out for me in the dark times..

10.5.12 Like an Ant I Have High Hopes

Well went by to see about the trailer and it still had a small leak.. they said they were going to be putting another coating up and hoping that it takes and fixes the problem. I hope it works.. It is supposed to rain non stop over the next few days or so, so I'm hoping for the best.

10.02.12 Second Day of Deer Season

Bought my deer tags last night took forever to find a place that would seek them to me ... china mart was not about to have some one in the sporting goods section .. waited for some one to come around for about 30 mins and no one showed.. tried having some one paged still a no show.. so we went to eat and then hit the local sporting goods store... they said they don't sell em... so back to k-mart.. and the lady working pulled each sheet off...then said oops.. needless to say it was supposed to be one long sheet other wise its no good... let's hope it works...  I plan on going out today maybe ... but might have to wait til Thursday..

Update on the trailer.. I still don't know much about what's going on with it yet other than I was told that it just had a leak and that they were trying to repair it... I'm going to try and go look at it after work today..