Friday, October 28, 2011

On the road again..

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Time passes...and with everything....

There is a time to move on. I know I haven't been on here posting like I originally wanted to, but I have had time to think on things a bit and now that I start to post I actually draw a blank.

We have been a bit busy and there has been some things going on. Firstly we have been looking for another place to move to, it has become more of a labor to just be here and has been made very clear that we have overstayed our welcome even though we are constantly told that we need to stay here, perhaps its because ALL of the bills are getting paid by us.  Either way the matter of payin' the bills really is of no consequence and it really does go to show that when you get stuck somewhere, don't get comfortable cause you may have issues getting back on track and getting out to where you need to be.

I started looking for a places to rent but it has been far and few.. apparently this area has just since last year decided that everyone is rich and requires deposits that are rather large... actually had some one tell me they wanted first and last month rent plus a $600 deposit ($1300 total) for a 2 bedroom apartment on the bad side of town and nothing was furnished not even a fridge, this was just to get into the place.

Anyways, just wanted to post here what is going on and may or may not be able to get on here, other than from my phone for a while... this meaning I probably wont be able to provide feedback either..

As always leave a message saying you were here, and may God bless you always as you move along your path of this great journey called life.