Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fishing pictures 8/5/2011

I told ya I would get ya some pictures.. here they are, I hope you enjoy... this was from Friday after noon, we started at noon and was there until about 8ish... so it was still light out when we left..

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A storm blew in and soaked me so I am like "WoooHooo!! Its over, FISH ON!!"

A storm hit, no pics of it though
this is the waves right after the rain stopped.

While waiting for the storm to get over, I grilled burgers, lol the storm passed almost imeadiately after I lit the grill... Yeah, God has a sence of humor... But I love Him..

This is the first 3 fish caught within 20 mins after the storm hit. The first one broke my favorite rod that collapsed down to fit into my backpack... yeah it sucked but atlest I got out at was fishing..

Another fish, I switched to a rod that already was missing the tip and I had found on one of my other fishing ventures..

Its another one... all in all I caught 6 that I kept


Nate writing a journal entry, Im not sure what he wrote but I think he was takin notes..

"Brad your fish are diein" So I caught another one and we went home...

playing with my

getting down to the business of skinning

close up of skining

a better look at me... Sandi loves to take pics of me.. lol

another picture of me at work





this was while I was cleaning them, they still arnt dead yet but ate getting real close... lol the picture prio to this one, I was on the last one and Sandi says "Aww I cant take any more pictures cause youre on the last one." lol


Monday, August 08, 2011

The past few days

Sent from my mobile. Enjoy.

Ok, I said I would tell you about the things I have been up to the past few days.

Friday after work I went fishing on the way home but didnt catch anything. After a little bit and eating lunch, we grabbed the grill, some burgers, and charcoal and headed out to the lake. More specificly, "the wall" which gave me a very big catch after the storm that blew through.

The first fish I caught broke my pole which has given me 2 years of good catching good fish. It was used when I got it. The other 5 fish i used my stiff pole which I had found several years ago in the water of another fishing hole, apparently some one had gotten mad because it broke or the reel gave out.. Either way, I took it home with me and have had a decent spare pole ever since. I cooked most of the fish last night but still have 2 big fillets in the fridge... Perhaps i will go fishing again tomorrow...

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