Saturday, April 18, 2015

Our Farm. April 2015

Its been my dream for a long time to have a little self sustained place of my own.. November of 2014 that dream started to become a bit of a reality. Every few weeks things would come up making it another step closer to being that reality. First we found a set of rabbit breeding stock, cages and all. We now have our first babies which were born 4 weeks ago today. That is a picture of them from last week. Today, we have chickens... About 2-3 months from now we will have eggs too.. We made sure to get a rooster as well so he would protect our new chicks and perhaps even bless us with some more chickens as we go along. I will also be building a bee hive soon too as we keep getting blessed with honey bees that have been fly too and froe.

I have been working the land a bit and truing to get out garden into the ground as fast as I can. We bought a tiller but for right now I have been working it with a garden weasel pro claw. Its a lot of work yes but during the time that I am doing it, I also meditate and spend time with Jesus. It will have been a week tomorrow that I took the leap of faith to get away from the beverage company I was working for. It was forcing me to become such a horrible person.