Monday, May 11, 2015

Working the land still

I still have not gotten as far as I wished I would, in the last 2 weeks we have lost a car due to the transmission going out however after a fee days of prayer, those prayers were answered and we have a running car that will get Sandi back and forth to her jobs. I set the tiller on fire, I had just gotten it to run and was going good then it bursted into flames that were a few feet high. I still have not gotten the garden in; however, I did manage to get seven 12 ft rows of corn planted, 5 mounds of watermelons and also 3 mounds of pumpkins planted too. I hope to soon have some others planted soon as well since the rain should have my ground wet enough that I can get some tines down into it. I'm using a garden weasel pro claw so its very time consuming.

The chickens are getting bigger and smarter, the bunnies are bigger too. Also one of our other rabbits had babies Thursday, but out of the 3 she had on one survived. She was a first time momma so I'll let her slide this time  but if the next ones are the same way then I'll need to have a different breeder I'm guessing. I'm writing this over breakfast right now, and finally the rain has stoped so I can go out and take care of the animals without getting wet..I will try and get some newer pictures posted later today.
Take care