Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reunions and things

Well it seems that I am getting in contact with more people that are from my past as this 20 yr school reunion draws near..

I have a really wild story from when we went fishing Monday night.
We went to "the wall" down at the lake, I wanted to go cause I thought the water would be cold enough to do some crappie fishing, crappie wasn't biting but catfish started hitting after being there for about 2 hours. After dark though I started getting a lot of bites but returned no fish. My son started sending me messages via facebook to my phone so I started answering him. during this time a fish hits my line so hard my good pole shoots strait out and right into the lake. Frustrated I reel in my other line and cast back out a few times hoping that I can catch my line, but to no avail no luck, so I cast right about the same place I was casting and waited. No more than 5 minuted after I sat my pole down, I get a bite and my line takes off heading towards the end of the wall. its fights for a few seconds then it stops.. i continue reeling and here comes my good pole right out of the water .. the fish was still on it up to point it breaks the water and then splash it breaks the line.

There's a lesson here. The lesson is that God can take things away any times he pleases and if he wishes to he can give it back... God is GREAT and AWESOME!!