Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Many times Can you die instide before you snap

Well, I am really feeling mixed feelings right now... Let me give you a bit of a back story on this ...
Thursday I went to divorce court and supposedly everything is done and just waiting for the final document to be drawn up and we both sign it as well, bad side is that her lawyer is on the shady side...

Ok while things were going on she said she would have our daughter text or call me when she got off from school so that I could spend some time with her, she also informed me that she and her boyfriend were inseparable and even sleep together... (now these details are important so keep it in mind).. she said that she had beaten her up on more than one occasion because she is jealous and extremely possessive of him and even made threats to her mom because she thought they were having something to do with each other.. now her boyfriend is supposedly 16 and my daughter is only 13.

Now at 230 pm CST when I received a text "Our darling daughter just slapped me twice and once in the face" I asked why and the response was "Because I told her to stop slamming the door because she had broke it and now it sticks" ... I told her "what do you want me to do, you have custody and are supposed to be responsible" to this the texts stopped...

231 AM CST I recieve a phone call and it wakes me from a sleep.. I dont answer. a few moments later I recieve a text
her "Hey R U at work?  Its important about Briana"
me "what is going on with her?"
her We R at the hospital she just like went crazy again fo no reason and the police had took her and they said she was talking to sumone who wasnt there"
me "WTF.. which hospital?"
me "when did this happen???"
her "good Sam for now"
her "prob about midnight..she's almost bit a place out of moms ARM.."
her "Mom asked why her pack was missing cigarettes and briana started screaming at her and came at her hitting her.."
me "Why is she being so violent towards her just now??"
her "just not her me earlier too I asked her can she stop slamming.doors and she went crazy"
me "Yeah she said she slapped her in the face for telling her to stop earlier too"
her "Yeah she has been beating on mom for awhile now and threatening us for stupid stuff.."
me "Really? And no one has said anything about this until now?"
me "After the last school court thing she threatened me on facebook"
me "is your mom going to press charges?"
her "No she wouldn't do that butI gotta go home and take mom to get her trk to go back to hospital.."
me "So is this erica?"
her "So she will talk to you in a bit..."
her "Yeah" Time at this point is 316 AM CST

403 AM CST I started recieving texts again this time its her mom and I am asleep so I dont answer :
403 AM CST her "It's gonna be a couple hrs before the sas worker gets here to evaluate briana to see what needs to be done"

608 AM CST her "Still at hospital.. just to keep you informed.."
803 AM CST her "U comming to see Bre after work??"
854 AM CST me "Yeah will be there shortly"
857 AM CST her "k"
900 AM CST her "Still back in ER. Going to Srpingfield.illinois to Lincoln Prarie Behavioral Helth Center by lifestar..."
903 AM CST me "Wow... WHen"
903 AM CST her "Here soon"
904 AM CST me "Im on the way"

As soon as I get there one of the hospital staff that I grew up with says "Brad shes back here come on back" then as soon as I walk through the door she asks "how old is that boy?? You really need to get on that Brad, I walked in on some pretty inappropriate stuff over nite"
me "figures, he looks a lot older than her doesnt he?"
 I walked in the room where my daughter was and she was restrained to a gurnney and smilled as I walked in the door..

I have decided to just leave the rest out of this but will say due to conversations last night, stories do not match up, Bre and Erica's stories are the same but their mom's version is quite a bit distorted... I will leave it at that and I do seriously believe I know what is going on, especially after being asked when child support is gonna start... Also have found that this same day this all happened she was here askin my frind for money and never said anything about the attacks that were prior to this, so it makes me really wonder if they even happened.

Hunters safety

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This week has been pretty busy and stressful and is part of the reason i havnt had anything posted this week. Had a CPI class on wednesday right after work, court the next day.. Divorce is pretty much done. friday my daughter was shipped off to mental health facility by her mom. And me and Nate have finished the hunters safety course. We both now can get a hunting license in any state in america now...
No this is not the entry i wrote about on facebook.. That one i am not finished with as of yet.. Just keep an eye out tho hopefully tomorrow.. I also have more to add that has happened since then as well