Thursday, March 05, 2015

Winter is back with a vengence

Cold cold days, been busy working a lot lately and just haven't felt up to posting anything as of late. 2 days ago I woke up with my knee giving me lots of issues and was in a lot of pain and went ahead to work anyways... Oh the pain! But I still felt with it. Yesterday on the other hand, I could barely walk and I kind of recognized the pain a little with the pressure making the pain subside a bit and hurting more when pressure was released... Needless to say I spent about 2 1\2 hours in the hospital ER just make sure it wasn't anything more serious than it was. With the grace of God, its the disease that He has blessed me with, gout and can deal with it. Its keeps me in check and causes me to live a somewhat healthy lifestyle. It is very painful when it flares up and I would not wish it on my worst of enemies, but I can deal with it through the Grace of God and through the many homeopathic remedies that I seemed out in the past. Luckily I use these quite often because as it seems with the dark past of my ex wife who was a drug seeker, I too was tagged and I'm typically not prescribed narcotics and I am actually glad for this because it makes me more reliant on God to take me through the pain that I have been given. Anyways, yesterday I missed work because of the tremendous pain and could not even bend my knee, today I can bend my knee and no pain but I am completely snowed in by 6 inches of snow on our little farm with a quarter mile from the nearest cleared road. Ironically our "private drive" is plowed by the Amish man that has the saw mill at the end of our "private drive" and he does it so his customers can get to him, but he hasn't done it yet..

Our bunnies are doing great, we bred JoJo and Rosey back on valentines day and are expecting babies on or around the Ides of March, and plan on breading one of the other girls about that time as well and then will wait another month and breed the other one, this way we dont have tons of rabbits ant the same time.  I still dont have the other hutches built as of yet and am still debating on how I want to build them as of yet.

Monday I went and looked at chicks to see what was available and how much they would cost me.. I'm looking at about $24 for 6 chicks and thinking we will go with closer to 12 to start out with so that we have a better chance to have more pullets that roosters.. I still need to build the coops and had planned on starting on that had it been warmer this weekend, I planned on going to and talking to the guy who owns the saw mill at the end of our drive to see how much a load of rough cut would cost me, but it seems I can never catch him working on my days off. Looks like I may just end up having to buy lumber at one of the lumber places at a higher cost :-(  but it is what it is. I know for a fact I can build something similar to what is sold at some of the stores for over $1000 for less than half the cost.

Looks like that's all I have for today..
God bless you all, and have a wonderful day
~ B