Saturday, February 06, 2016

updates on me

Firstly, I appreciate all the prayers received during my rash of spiritual battle. I now have a health issue thats going on..
I spent the better part of yesterday in the Emergency Room, I somehow injured my knee and woke with it stiff Monday and worked on it Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and woke up yesterday not being able to put weigh on it.. I called Sandi to take me to the ER. they drained my knee and drew out what looked like and had the consistency of yellow mustard.. the tests they ran on it at the local hospital came back with nothing so they sent it off to some research lab to get more information. needless to say my knee is almost the same size that it was yesterday when they drained it..

We have gotten in on a business that is growing exponentially and would love to share it with you. check out the video and if you are interested, if you would like more information I would love to talk to you more about it.. or you can also contact me via hangouts at the same address.