About Me

Hi, My name is Brad, I am a just an old graphic designer. I am in search now of someplace to make my own and need to get back to the simple life... loose the stress, live my life and be happy. I like to cook, hunt, fish, camp, hike, and generally anything that can get me outside... this little blog is not as grandose as I once wished it would be but I'm not exactly a very good writer but plan on doing better as I move along.. I promise some special projects are coming though, so be prepared and keep your eyes open.
Right now I am in a season of my life that I feel a bit lost at times and have been stuck in the doldrums a time or two, I really hate to stagnate but it happens.

projects I am working on right now:

  • Building our tiny house
  • Gettting the land ready to plant
  • Trying to pick up more contracts