Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Updates and the holidays

Well today we stayed in town after a meeting at work that cost me more to get to it than it was worth. the meeting once it started only lasted about 15 mins... We stayed in town because one of my old employers of which I have a lot of respect for, called me and said he wanted to meet with me for lunch at 1pm at one of the local restaurants.

This past week has been of interest and Sandi's sister has been in the hospital, I want to wish her a very speedy recovery and that everything comes out good. She has scared us the past week several times. So we all are praying for ya Christi!

Well its getting to be about the time to get ready and head up to meet with Mr. Lee...

thanks for the read and please leave a note saying you've been here.. ~Brad

Oh thought I would leave you with a pic of this wonderful turkey that Christi made for thanks giving even though its been almost a month... And yes thats bacon... mmmm mmmm

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goings on and a few looks back...

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 Well today it was really cold and didnt want to get out of bed cause I knew I need to go and change out this thermostat on the truck that I could not get off yesterday... I was tired and stressed and busted my hand 3 times. When I told Sandi I was writing a blog entry she asked if I was bored so I told her I hadnt written one i n some time, but this is of inconsequence for this entry and rather a giggle factor. I wanted to look back a bit here and tell you that one of the reasons I started this blog was to give information that I refuse to put on facebook and point out some things that I have learned and things I plan to do. Either way I sit here in my little house writing this entry today and have said absolutely nothing... What a joke... I will write something of more sustanance later and maybe a picture as well... Thanks for reading, Brad   

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Grilled peanutbutter sandwich by the kerosene heater

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 Its cold outside but we are warm... Everyone is asleep except for me. I am working another morning shift in the tomorrow, so of course my mid nite persona says "you aint sleepin bub" and it bites cause i gotta be up in a few hours for work. I sold my big screen tv so I bought a 19 in one with the cash I got out of it. I also built a digital tv antena from 40' of wire, 3' of pvc pipe and a coax cable I scrounged up. So far so good, we get 9 channels one of which is the pbs radio channel. My title tonight says alot.. I really am eating a grilled pb sandwhich which i cooked on a sheet of alumnum foil on the heater. It is mighty good I might add. Suprisingly, we have not all killed each other yet in this tiny domicile, and something bigger will seem huge when we move into it.. Good night all, and dont forget to let me know you were here.. ~Brad~  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

some pics of our temporary place

Since I have gotten requests of of wanting to look at what our place looks like I thought I would give ya a glimpse... but only a small peek of this little place

Sandi putting a ham in the oven in our small kitchen

The stocked cubboard and chairs tucked away 

Me getting warm by the fire.

Sandi preping the ham to go into the oven

Wrapping the ham up very carefully

mmm mmmm fresh hot ham right out of the oven

Look at that plate of delicious ham, mashed potatoes and corn

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week 2 day 2..

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   Brrr its rather cold tonight. Yesterday was pretty bad because it was windy. Today it wasnt so bad other other than runing out of fuel for the heater of which caused us to have to go back into town to get fuel. i have tied things to ceiling to keep it out of the way, such as my hunting gear and the chairs.. Will be adding more later..   

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coleman stove gives up the ghost, Brad's back up? Buddy burner..

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Week 2 day 1

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 Well starting out week 2 in the shack. Yesterdays rains beat us down a bit and made it cold .. Today we have gail force winds. We awoke to the kitchen adon made from tarps demolished and to the kitchen top it off no coffee yet due to the coleman stove gave up the ghost. Me the man with a back up now remembers why youre not supposed to use  a buddy burner indoors... Lots of black smoke... *sigh* hoping tomorrow a better day~Brad  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still moving.. things look up a bit

Well things are looking up, we got into the new place for now. Sandi
and Nate ate there sleeping right now and will try and get more moved
after I wake up tomorrow. Anyways, leave me a note and let me know you
were here... thanks ~Brad

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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Composting Toilet

Yeah I know I kinda was weird about my last post, I was really tired, however I did get it stained and several layers of poly-urethane have been added I still have to attach the strap hinges that I made for it and it will be finished completely, but figured I would wait until I have my slap hammer available which is at the new place. This can be used camping or in the hunting cabin, or pretty much anywhere you need a toilet. just add either Sphagnum or wood ash to cover your leavings and youre good to go. of course you need to dump it in to the compost pile every once and a while..

Until then here's the pics to keep ya occupied...

with seat cover inplace

seat cover in place

seat cover removed and bucket removed

Hey there's doggy in my

bucket in place and ready for use
Nate pretending to be sick... 

Holy Father, I just wanted to tell you good morning and thank you for giving me strength. Thank you for this beautiful morning... AMEN

Friday, November 04, 2011

No title its just too funny...

LOL, yes I laughed out loud, the reason though was cause of what I had to do today.... LOL I built a crapper box... LOL or rather a composting toilet, I will post pictures later, I am just glad that Sandi didnt take pics as I was building this beast of burden...LOL

Friday, October 28, 2011

On the road again..

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Time passes...and with everything....

There is a time to move on. I know I haven't been on here posting like I originally wanted to, but I have had time to think on things a bit and now that I start to post I actually draw a blank.

We have been a bit busy and there has been some things going on. Firstly we have been looking for another place to move to, it has become more of a labor to just be here and has been made very clear that we have overstayed our welcome even though we are constantly told that we need to stay here, perhaps its because ALL of the bills are getting paid by us.  Either way the matter of payin' the bills really is of no consequence and it really does go to show that when you get stuck somewhere, don't get comfortable cause you may have issues getting back on track and getting out to where you need to be.

I started looking for a places to rent but it has been far and few.. apparently this area has just since last year decided that everyone is rich and requires deposits that are rather large... actually had some one tell me they wanted first and last month rent plus a $600 deposit ($1300 total) for a 2 bedroom apartment on the bad side of town and nothing was furnished not even a fridge, this was just to get into the place.

Anyways, just wanted to post here what is going on and may or may not be able to get on here, other than from my phone for a while... this meaning I probably wont be able to provide feedback either..

As always leave a message saying you were here, and may God bless you always as you move along your path of this great journey called life.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Class of 1991 Rulez

Class of 19991 Rulez.. this is what I put among other things on the tapestry that was shoved into the time capsule 20 years ago..
My high school years were pretty good I think, I mean that I have made other friends and connections that I had not had prior, even though I remember knowing almost every one I went to school with cause alot of them I knew since head start. But I did make new friends as well that were not even originally from this area and found that every one knew me by face but not nessesarily by name at the reunion.

I remember high school very well, while most people were mingling and going to dances and other school functions, I did not. I myself for the first 2 years of high school was learning all the ins and out of the bait business and how it was going to be one of the only things that my step-father was leaving behind for me when he passed away in the fall of 1988 which was my sophomore year of school. My step-father was flat out mean at times but he most definitely knew business and moreso he knew the things I was to learn to make the business flourish...

Other than runing the bait shop I learned more about business than I am guessing I was supposed to, what I mean about this is that I did not get an allowance however after many an argument with my mom I did manage to get her to give me $5 per week to at least get me seconds in the cafeteria to eat. This money went for this at first, and then I obtained a smoking habit and was spending this measly $5 per week on a pack of smokes daily.. at this time Marlboro had just came out with mediums and was selling them for $1 a pack.. I found I could get served at a little market and I began to turn a profit, buying 5 packs on Monday and selling 4 before lunch at $2 per pack, this allowed me to not only eat lunch but still buy more smokes at lunch if I didn't eat in the cafeteria. By the spring of my Sophmore year I was turning a decent profit simply because I started getting lunch money weekly.

The summer before my Junior year became an whole new ball game.. I started running with the crowd in Bonnie when my mom was at home before she would go to work, and then had to be back to work the bait shop.. this went on until a few weeks before school started up again and then it was back to the prison bait shop once again.

Shortly after school started I found that I had been getting benefits from my step-father after he died and demanded to my mom <yeah I know it wasn't the right thing to do> that I get the back amount of allowance and considering that I was made to watch the bait shop from the time I got up until the buss picked me up and then as soon as I was droped off from school, I never had time of my own and was a prisoner of that wretched place and I figured I deserved it, plus all I asked for was $250 which was to buy me a dirt bike. This didnt fall through but I did end up buying a pool que, to which I started sneaking down to Bonnie and learned to play... I excelled at this and ended up not only using my $5 for smokes but would spend days scalping in pool as a shark at the "8 ball" which turned out to be owned by the "local mafia" which ended that rather quickly. <another story on its own>

my Junior and Senior years I spent more time in Bonnie, chasing 1 single girl that would never have me, which ended up being a learning lesson later in life and is probably something I should have learned back then.. either way it caused all kinds of missed opportunities and eventually caused part of my reputation.. but thats a whole different story and its getting me off story. other than saying that my Junior and senior years I became a very bad person.. I found that I liked tequila and whiskey and they were my best friends when I had the chance, drank them strait or mixed together as a bandanna where you float on drink on top of another, so I would sometimes sandwich in layers tequila and whiskey and then tequila or vise-versa  so it looked clear gold clear for I found I preferred silver Juarez over the others for it was cheaper..

 Anyways I have gotten way off track and to write all about my school years it would be a rather large novel of which I tried to sum up just a little here. even though I stopped short. Perhaps I do need to go ahead and write that book as a friend of mine has been telling me I need to do.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 days til the reunion and 3 days til deer season

I'm pretty psyched for my 20 yr Highschool reunion that is coming up on Friday... A lot of people I haven't seen in forever, some of which really doesn't matter, but a few I do truly miss visiting with. Albeit that most of my friends were either in the years prior to the class of 91 or after, but still I have a bunch of friends that were my age as well.

Saturday morning at about 630 am is the official start of deer season, Friday I need to go get my tags, I do fully intend on getting one this year.. I am tired of being dependent on other people to get a deer and beg for scraps of theirs.. Instead I want to feel the rush of taking the shot and letting loose an arrow from my own hand and watch it plunge deep into the vitals of a deer that I may in fact feed my family... I plan fully on utilizing as much of it as possible, especially the meat and hide.. Do I have to high of expectations? Maybe, I know its gonna be a lot of work and is gonna be hard to carry one out on my own, but at least its not an elk or moose, I would never be able to pull out something soo big... Anyways just wanted to get this out here and hope that it doesn't offend anyone... have a nice day and hope to see you on the next entry..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google plus... get it all together in the same place

Google plus recently opened to the public and I am already loving it. the new google set up allows everything together in the same place, now I just need every one to move over to it as well... Face book has recently went to crap to the effect that I cannot even log in to it from my phone now to post or reply simply because when I send from my phone it makes every comment or reply a new status...The whole ordeal was just an entire bad idea, and they really didn't think things through as they redone everything... well except for the mobile stuff.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pondering of the Things That Can Be or Something to Think About

I lately have been pondering on a job situation that I can take right now.. I really and at a battle within myself as to if I want to take this situation or not. There are many reasons to take this job and number one is the money that is possible to be made.. the down side is that I will have to be available 24/7/365 and will be attached to a phone at all times and will have to be next to an internet access at all times.... I dont really know if I am up to being a prisoner to something so dedicated... I would have to give up sooo much in order to take this job.. including my life... there would no longer be any fishing or camping or going somewhere just to get away for even just an hour.... I remember back when  was truck driving there was a magazine that came out and gave an equation for your time vs job prison... it went something to the effect of 24 x wage = daily amount.. for me that would only be minimum wage... but there is also another part of this equation... and that is family time, which to me is worth more than minimum wage as is personal time as well. so in doing so lets see what we have right now.... 24 x 8.25 = 198 / day. Now lets put this per month.. 198 x 30 = 5,940 hmm doesn't sound too bad for a wage.. now this is with out sleep mind you and that is gonna be 1/3 of your time so lets divide by 3 just to see what you are missing.. 5940 / 3 = 1980  Our total of your worth per day now has dropped to 3,960 and that is only sleep and work.... now at least when I was truck driving I always had off at least 24 hours that I got to spend with family... I wont even have this when I work for this company cause what if I am called in the middle of the night? I have to be available right? Now what about that personal and family time that I said was worth double of minimum wage or of my wage? that would be another 3rd at double?? so 1980 x 2 = 3960 now add the 1980 which is another 1/3 which would be 8 hrs of work... so 3960 + 1980 =5940 which is the same amount that we started with minus 8 hours of sleep which of course is still 1/3 which is 1980 ...
So how much is your time worth??
Me mine is worth 7920 / month which now once again is equal to 264 / day or 11 / hour
Yeah I know I am easily worth $11/hr so how much are you worth??

I greatly got off topic on this but to an effect of how much this job is worth
350 per week / 7 days = $50 / day which is $2.08 / hr...
This isnt looking very good to me, but then again I have been wrong in the past...
Take care cause I am going out and gonna get wet walking a dog, have a good night every one...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Many times Can you die instide before you snap

Well, I am really feeling mixed feelings right now... Let me give you a bit of a back story on this ...
Thursday I went to divorce court and supposedly everything is done and just waiting for the final document to be drawn up and we both sign it as well, bad side is that her lawyer is on the shady side...

Ok while things were going on she said she would have our daughter text or call me when she got off from school so that I could spend some time with her, she also informed me that she and her boyfriend were inseparable and even sleep together... (now these details are important so keep it in mind).. she said that she had beaten her up on more than one occasion because she is jealous and extremely possessive of him and even made threats to her mom because she thought they were having something to do with each other.. now her boyfriend is supposedly 16 and my daughter is only 13.

Now at 230 pm CST when I received a text "Our darling daughter just slapped me twice and once in the face" I asked why and the response was "Because I told her to stop slamming the door because she had broke it and now it sticks" ... I told her "what do you want me to do, you have custody and are supposed to be responsible" to this the texts stopped...

231 AM CST I recieve a phone call and it wakes me from a sleep.. I dont answer. a few moments later I recieve a text
her "Hey R U at work?  Its important about Briana"
me "what is going on with her?"
her We R at the hospital she just like went crazy again fo no reason and the police had took her and they said she was talking to sumone who wasnt there"
me "WTF.. which hospital?"
me "when did this happen???"
her "good Sam for now"
her "prob about midnight..she's almost bit a place out of moms ARM.."
her "Mom asked why her pack was missing cigarettes and briana started screaming at her and came at her hitting her.."
me "Why is she being so violent towards her just now??"
her "just not her me earlier too I asked her can she stop slamming.doors and she went crazy"
me "Yeah she said she slapped her in the face for telling her to stop earlier too"
her "Yeah she has been beating on mom for awhile now and threatening us for stupid stuff.."
me "Really? And no one has said anything about this until now?"
me "After the last school court thing she threatened me on facebook"
me "is your mom going to press charges?"
her "No she wouldn't do that butI gotta go home and take mom to get her trk to go back to hospital.."
me "So is this erica?"
her "So she will talk to you in a bit..."
her "Yeah" Time at this point is 316 AM CST

403 AM CST I started recieving texts again this time its her mom and I am asleep so I dont answer :
403 AM CST her "It's gonna be a couple hrs before the sas worker gets here to evaluate briana to see what needs to be done"

608 AM CST her "Still at hospital.. just to keep you informed.."
803 AM CST her "U comming to see Bre after work??"
854 AM CST me "Yeah will be there shortly"
857 AM CST her "k"
900 AM CST her "Still back in ER. Going to Srpingfield.illinois to Lincoln Prarie Behavioral Helth Center by lifestar..."
903 AM CST me "Wow... WHen"
903 AM CST her "Here soon"
904 AM CST me "Im on the way"

As soon as I get there one of the hospital staff that I grew up with says "Brad shes back here come on back" then as soon as I walk through the door she asks "how old is that boy?? You really need to get on that Brad, I walked in on some pretty inappropriate stuff over nite"
me "figures, he looks a lot older than her doesnt he?"
 I walked in the room where my daughter was and she was restrained to a gurnney and smilled as I walked in the door..

I have decided to just leave the rest out of this but will say due to conversations last night, stories do not match up, Bre and Erica's stories are the same but their mom's version is quite a bit distorted... I will leave it at that and I do seriously believe I know what is going on, especially after being asked when child support is gonna start... Also have found that this same day this all happened she was here askin my frind for money and never said anything about the attacks that were prior to this, so it makes me really wonder if they even happened.

Hunters safety

Sent from my mobile. Enjoy.

This week has been pretty busy and stressful and is part of the reason i havnt had anything posted this week. Had a CPI class on wednesday right after work, court the next day.. Divorce is pretty much done. friday my daughter was shipped off to mental health facility by her mom. And me and Nate have finished the hunters safety course. We both now can get a hunting license in any state in america now...
No this is not the entry i wrote about on facebook.. That one i am not finished with as of yet.. Just keep an eye out tho hopefully tomorrow.. I also have more to add that has happened since then as well

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

the start

I can tell you that I never want to relive this again... I still am feeling quite weak at this moment

Ugg moldy coffee can kill you and other things

Last night at work turned into a real terror real fast for me. I decided to eat some rice with sugar and butter in it for lunch at about 1 am this morning and knowing that work did not have sugar because of a couple of my residents having diabetes and knowing that I had sugar in a baggy in my instant coffee reserves in the truck, I decided to get the sugar out of the truck. It seemed to be a good idea at the time and I have really been craving butter and sugar rice for the past couple days. When I brought the coffee container into the house I noticed that the coffee in its entirety was a big clump blocking the mouth of the jar and was going to have to bust the clumps to get to the sugar... Here is where my night took a turn and could have needed in Anaphylaxis. Apparently the coffee after getting wet a few weeks ago fermented in the heat and then after that began to mold and just by simply touching this caused hives over a period of 45 minutes that covered my entire body from head to toe. I have never in all my life ever itched soo bad and is another medical symptom that I would never wish on my worse enemy. needless to say the world spining at the hours of 2 am til 4 am sucks .. But I am alive.

I know I havnt been posting as often as I have in the past and I am thinking this is going to become a weekly thing even though at time I may come in and write something daily.. I will however make at least a weekly entry.. for those who follow me... please leave me a note or something just so that I have a reason to keep posting... yeah I know I should beg but please leave me some kind of note to say you read me.. thanks,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reunions and things

Well it seems that I am getting in contact with more people that are from my past as this 20 yr school reunion draws near..

I have a really wild story from when we went fishing Monday night.
We went to "the wall" down at the lake, I wanted to go cause I thought the water would be cold enough to do some crappie fishing, crappie wasn't biting but catfish started hitting after being there for about 2 hours. After dark though I started getting a lot of bites but returned no fish. My son started sending me messages via facebook to my phone so I started answering him. during this time a fish hits my line so hard my good pole shoots strait out and right into the lake. Frustrated I reel in my other line and cast back out a few times hoping that I can catch my line, but to no avail no luck, so I cast right about the same place I was casting and waited. No more than 5 minuted after I sat my pole down, I get a bite and my line takes off heading towards the end of the wall. its fights for a few seconds then it stops.. i continue reeling and here comes my good pole right out of the water .. the fish was still on it up to point it breaks the water and then splash it breaks the line.

There's a lesson here. The lesson is that God can take things away any times he pleases and if he wishes to he can give it back... God is GREAT and AWESOME!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sandi lands a bass

We went fishing yesterday, I had recently bought Sandi a new fishing pole, and she bought herself a new "floatie lure" (there's a story there I may tell later). She wanted to test out the new pole so we went to a fishing spot that I was told about being less that a couple miles away.. I was using the new sunfish pole she bought me(a take down carbon fiber version of a cane pole basically) and had went to a section a distance away and almost fell in the water. About that time she yells out "Hey Brad! I got a fish!!!" When I get down there she has this beautiful bass that she is wrestling with..
all in all it was a good day yesterday... As for me, I have been using the new E-reader that we rented for an evaluation. I have been reading "Way of the Bow" by Paulo Coelho so far its a really good read.

Every day I have been practicing with the new compound bow and can hit my target rather easily so long as it not more than 30 yrds away... im still working on shooting from a farther distance and think I may hit the target area after this next pay period.. i don't know yet.. I don know that deer tags go on sale next week and think i may get those after I get paid.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Its been busy.

Wow, I know I can post from my phone and all, but its just not the same.

Friday, I went and bought an old compound bow (Fred Bear polar II) for $40 from a guy that deals sells alot of them apparently... He doesn't get online or anything and does his selling and buying the old way. If some one reads my blog and wants his number ask and I will let you have it...

Nate and I have been shooting my target I bought this last week as well, I have been shooting my new compound and Nate has been shooting my self bow. Sandi bought me some new arrows last night because we found a really good deal on them, Nate is getting better, I think its my self bow helping him out there, his bow that my cousin gave him only had a 30 lb draw, mine has 45.. the new compound shoots at 50-60 lbs..

At work I have been doing extra hours until they get the one new person trained and hire another one, apparently one of the residents scared the one new girl so bad that she quit on the spot.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some of the Latest

I now have Nate and myself signed up for the Illinois Hunters Safety course so that he can get his hunting license and go with me this year. Its a 2 day affair and am looking forward to it.. it is supposed to give me 3 days off from work because I court the day before.
I had a friend send me a message this evening on Facebook saying that a black cougar was spotted last night just a few blocks from the house, so when I walk the dog from now on I need to be fairly careful and keep an eye out.

Squirrel hunting started August 1, soon deer hunting will start on Oct 1 and rabbit follows a month later at the second Sunday of November and of course ground hog has been in since June.. yet ever since the seasons have started I have seen neither a ground hog nor squirrel that I could get to hunt..

this weekend will be tough on me 'cause they fired one person and another one quit at work, so I get to take up their hours, work evening then soon as I get off come home and sleep so that I can be right back to work, at least its more $$ i guess...

If ya stop by please leave me a note, thanks
~ Brad

Monday, August 15, 2011

Greying hair? Really?

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I know I keep telling myself to write and write and it just doesnt happen.. Something comes up and I forget or loose track of time and dont get an entry in.
Apparently stress does take a toll on the human body, I was once blonde and now im turning grey... I'm thinking it is from the stress of this divorce.. I have decided that once it is over, I think I want to travel away from this area. She turned my children against me and I really don't think I can stand to be here anymore. My son has only recently started talking to me but he lives some 200 miles away. I truely feel lost at this point and feel I have to constantly look over my shoulders like I'm a criminal and I truely should not have any reason to feel that way. The blow up a few weeks ago had to do with this whole thing by the way... A lot of what is going on is how she makes me feel like crap and how she lies about things... Even to my friends...

Anyways, I am in a down kinda mood and trying to bring myself out

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fishing pictures 8/5/2011

I told ya I would get ya some pictures.. here they are, I hope you enjoy... this was from Friday after noon, we started at noon and was there until about 8ish... so it was still light out when we left..

Thanks for viewing me and dont forget to leave me a note telling me you were here.

A storm blew in and soaked me so I am like "WoooHooo!! Its over, FISH ON!!"

A storm hit, no pics of it though
this is the waves right after the rain stopped.

While waiting for the storm to get over, I grilled burgers, lol the storm passed almost imeadiately after I lit the grill... Yeah, God has a sence of humor... But I love Him..

This is the first 3 fish caught within 20 mins after the storm hit. The first one broke my favorite rod that collapsed down to fit into my backpack... yeah it sucked but atlest I got out at was fishing..

Another fish, I switched to a rod that already was missing the tip and I had found on one of my other fishing ventures..

Its another one... all in all I caught 6 that I kept


Nate writing a journal entry, Im not sure what he wrote but I think he was takin notes..

"Brad your fish are diein" So I caught another one and we went home...

playing with my

getting down to the business of skinning

close up of skining

a better look at me... Sandi loves to take pics of me.. lol

another picture of me at work





this was while I was cleaning them, they still arnt dead yet but ate getting real close... lol the picture prio to this one, I was on the last one and Sandi says "Aww I cant take any more pictures cause youre on the last one." lol


Monday, August 08, 2011

The past few days

Sent from my mobile. Enjoy.

Ok, I said I would tell you about the things I have been up to the past few days.

Friday after work I went fishing on the way home but didnt catch anything. After a little bit and eating lunch, we grabbed the grill, some burgers, and charcoal and headed out to the lake. More specificly, "the wall" which gave me a very big catch after the storm that blew through.

The first fish I caught broke my pole which has given me 2 years of good catching good fish. It was used when I got it. The other 5 fish i used my stiff pole which I had found several years ago in the water of another fishing hole, apparently some one had gotten mad because it broke or the reel gave out.. Either way, I took it home with me and have had a decent spare pole ever since. I cooked most of the fish last night but still have 2 big fillets in the fridge... Perhaps i will go fishing again tomorrow...

once again thanks for stopping by and please leave a note saying you have been here.. Take care

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Missed days and fish

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Im going to write tomorrow, so youre gonna have to wait til then

Friday, August 05, 2011

The world has survived

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Well there was alot of debate to say the least that there was supposed to be a major solar flare hit us at 4 am today... I had hoped to see some borealas but to no alas it was coudy... Its ok though... Well ill be back on here when I get home, its payday today and will be going fishing on the way home.. Im hoping they are biting this time...

once again leave a note...~B

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Things not quite said...

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I think tonight was the longest that my son has talked to me in over a year. Last year he told me that he didnt want to have anything to do with me ever again. This was because of things that was told to him, rather by my now soon to be ex wife or by my daughter... I do truely wonder often now as of which it truely was. It hurts to have your blood tell you they hate you and mean it, and completelhy turn on you. its a pain that is worse than any physical pain, especially when they do every thing possible to hurt you... I'm glad to have talked to my son, but knowing that my daughter tries to hurt me the same way , hurts alot too...

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Things are getting to be something

Well, I'm sorry I havnt posted anything the past couple of days, but in the last few days I honestly couldn't tell you everything that has happened.. I draw a blank to it but I can tell you the things I do remember... I remember going out and getting my hunting licence the day before yesterday but didn't go hunting yet, I can remember going to the library yesterday as well as slaughtering the turtle I caught last week. I remember going fishing Monday morning after work, but not catching anything and finding some one had started a large fire.. I did play some Halo: Reach and Black Ops zombies with Nate on the 360 Monday night..
My PSP quit working, so I have to figure out how to get that fixed.. Im hoping the guy that fixed em locally is still doing so. And my computer is being stupid at times now too.. The internet keeps disconnecting so its not stable now either.. But all in all I am still alive and now have things fixed so that I dont have to worry about the group coming after me...

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Monday, August 01, 2011

"And let the hunt begin"

Well first off I want to say, I am safe and have no worries of anyone attacking me from the last post, and if they decide to, then may luck be with them and may God have mercy on them, for my faith is strong...

Anyways, squirrel season started today.. it sucks that I don't have my license as of yet, but maybe tomorrow... This year I will take more than just 2... I will eat well and will post a recipe or two for them shortly... I rather love to eat game, and tree rat is delicious for sure... My sister-in-law was rather making fun of me this morning on facebook because I was talking about wanting to go fishing or hunting this morning, I did go fishing but caught nothing.. perhaps tomorrow..

Friday, July 29, 2011

"And there was a war in heaven"

Well, looks like its time to go into "survival mode". I write this so that there is a record if for some reason that something happens to me in the near future, that this my story of things that may happen in the next few days, weeks, or months will be known.

First of all let me tell you the back groud story abit. I belong to this "club" as it was referred to me as where "we" supposedly "have each others back" if anything happens to anyone or some is giving any of the members any problems... At first it seemed to be a good thing, to be a member of an "elite" group of friends.. Most of the people in it seem to be "has-beens" and "what-nots" and all around the down trodden of the local area.. I joined, and "received my mark," a tattoo on my right hand near my thumb for it, it has now become a dark smudge to me, even though there are a lot of people around here that knows what it means and they seem to fear it.. those who caused this fear were "taken care of" by some members of the group by being "roughed up" and their tattoo covered up by force, or at least that is what I have been told in the past... If those things have happened in reality, I really cannot say or not if it really happened.

I recently stopped in at a local convienice store to get gas, and one of the elders in the group we call "the ark angels" that I belong to aproaches me and this is what played out..

(him) very angrily, "We need to talk".
( me) "OK, what about?"
(him) "I was recently told that I and the rest of the brothers are now considered 'hostile'."
( me) "Hmmm let me guess? xxxxx? or xxxxx?"
(him) "Im not talking about it here, call me later"
( me) "seriously? I don't see any of the brothers and being hostile, only those who have been possibly talking crap and taking my ex's side about all this crap that's been going on"
(him) "Seriously, I'm not talking about that here, call me later, cause I cant talk about it at work"
( me) "OK Whats your number?"
(him) "You don't have it? Its the same number it has been since forever it is XXX-XXX-XXX"
( me) "Alright I will call later then"
(him) "You better"

Any ways, I have jumped to survival mode, because for one, if some one comes to track me down there is no telling what is gonna happen... but I'm not going down like anyone else they have "taken care" of....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

After the Funeral and Family

Well, yesterday was the visitation for my Aunt Barb who passed away Sunday morning. At the visitation, I got to see relation that I have not seen in a very long time, some of which come to find out are very religious and we clicked. I do believe that my one cousin will be very good for me to get closer to simply because of this. on the other side I also met with a cousin that I have not seen in about 30 years... both last night and today after the funeral service, we went to another cousin's home and ate, we all bonded during this time and I do believe that some of us became closer... Its amazing that I really have such a good family even if they are not my immediate family...

Well, I'm gonna get out of here for a while and go shoot some zombies on the xbox for a bit, good night


Will post tomorrow

too lote to post tonight... I will post something tomorrow

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whew! I'm wore out tonight..

Well firstly I went to court to find out that supposedly I now have several businesses in my name and all are making money... Wow!!! Don't I wish!!! yeah that's why I still have been driving a piece of crap 1992 ford escort that I has had to be rebuilt twice and is on its last leg.. I mean seriously... If I was to be making money due to having businesses, I would have quit the job that I am really starting to hate and just earned money via my business...

After court (Around noon) I came home fixed a fried balogna sandwich and set off to go fishing... I just made it home about 10PM.. Needless to say I am burnt, and tired. We went to 2 different places, one of which I had to carry my filled 5 gallon bucket some 200 yrds to where we were fishing..

LOL the first fish I caught was most definitely a keeper, however I apparently put it on the stringer wrong and it was dead when I pulled it out of the water before we decided to go some where else and get out of the sun... so I was left with small fish to clean tonight...

Its all good, I came home to a very good stir fried meal...Thanks Honey (She takes sooo good care of me) :P

Well I'm beat and going to get heading off to bed... Thanks for reading me and as always, leave a note letting me know you were here...


Monday, July 25, 2011

Cooler, But Still More Heat

Although last nights rain cooled it off overnight and the temp this morning was in the low 70's, it is now 95 with a heat index of 115...
I went fishing this morning after breakfast and intend on going again after dark... might have to go and buy a light up bobber, I need to put meat on the table, especially after the fiasco last night.. I really wish I was closer to the lake and at least had a large inner tube, for I would at least set some trot lines and provide at least some catfish...

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life, and Something Like It...

I know I havn't written the past couple of days, I lol have actually been busy shopping and getting bills paid after work Friday and yesterday I spent a lot of time on the 360.. I actually fell asleep last night fairly early to the point that it reset my biological clock so that I woke up at about 4ish AM.

I got up and fixed breakfast, a very huge omelet and made biscuits from scratch.. these I made in the roaster oven outside so it didn't heat up the house... Anyways, I had just sat down to eat and watch the episode of "Torch Wood" that I missed Friday night, when I get a text message tell me.. "Hey my mom passed away last night"... I paused then asked who it was, it was my cousin Bill .. My Mom's sister Barb, passed away sometime in the night.. I have since ran around like a chicken with its head cut off to get a hold of other members of my family, but to no avail... only my brother have I gotten a hold of....

Anyways, I'm backingoff here and still try and get ahold of my mom, its gonna kill her to hear it im sure....

Peace be with you and please leave a not sayin you have been here...


Friday, July 22, 2011

Sitting here at work bored...

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Well, here I am. I havnt posted in the past couple of days so here I am.
its been hot the past few weeks, with some extreme humidity. I have not seen it this hot in many years. I havnt been able to get out and do anything that I have really wanted to due to the extreme heat and when its not hot its pouring down rain... Or like tonight, I have to work...
Dont get me wrong, i would rather have the heat over freesing cold... On another note I have heard the voice and 12 weeks from this week.. Give or take a few days will be the first frost... The 20 yr ciciada threw me off but i heard the normal ones that tell of the frost this morning...

As always, please leave me a note to let me know that you have stoped by... ~wysprs~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

*SIGH* What to write about..

Well considering that today I have really not done anything other than going to the library to check out my normal huge number of books. I can rent out 18 at a time however I only took out 10 and 2 audio books to listen to as I clean toilets at work... But also checked out 5 books on edible herbs identification, one on fishing, two on photography, one on sailing, and one on downsizing your life..

I think I am going to start posting some of my old projects that I have done here as well and post them as I did with my recipes.. I made a bow last year and wanted to make one again this year but the place I prefer to take my wood from is flooded and has been since February when we started getting all the rain.. that's OK though because my bow still shoots hard right now and is probably still good for a few years.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Ok, I have now posted 5 recipes to my page and will still be adding more as I go along. I still havn't slept since I have come home from work at 10ish this morn and am quite a bit tired. I used to come home and do this all time when I would have a couple days off, but that was some time ago..

Well going to get off here for a bit and may be back later tonight or may not.. just depends on how im feeling...


Reuben In a Can

This is a really odd concoction that I came up with in 2007, if you are in a pinch and cant afford decent corned beef or cant make one, then use corned beef in a can.


  • 1 can corned beef in the can
  • 1 can sauerkraut
  • thousand island dressing or miracle whip
  • rye or some other hard or whole grain bread
  • swiss cheese

Mix corned beef sauerkraut and dressing in a gallon ziplock bag. it will start to look a salmon color, but will still tastes good.

Butter opposite sides of your bread.

Place one slice of swiss per slice bread.

Add the mix and either broil in oven or pan fry.....


Cheesecake by Brad*

I first made this cheesecake back in 1992, I took it from an old recipe from an obscure cookbook and added a little bit here and little there. Originally if I remember right, the recipe called for cottage cheese that was boiled down to make cream cheese or something similar there of. When I wrote this recipe down it was from memory and this is what I came up with... the last time I made this prior to writing this down was in 1994.


  • 2 8 oz. packets Cream Cheese
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 4 oz packet lemon jello
  • 1 can evaporated milk
  • (don’t use the fat free one, you need the fat to bond)
  • 3 TBSP Lemon Juice
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Make jello mix with half of water called for. DO NOT LET THIS SET!! (I used Great Value brand and it called for 1 Cup boiling water and 1 cup cold. I only used the 1 Cup boiling water)

  2. In a large bowl add cream cheese, vanilla, sugar, vanilla, and lemon juice beat with eggbeater or hand mixer until soft.

  3. Add milk to mixture and blend, it will be slightly frothy.

  4. Fold Jello into the cheese mixture until blended.

  5. Let this set for about 5 minutes.

  6. Pour into the crust and place into refrigerator to cool and set up, this will take up to 5 hours, or you can cut the time in half by placing into the freezer.

  7. The crust that I used is the larger gram cracker crust that says "2 more servings" so it is larger and will fill the crust to the top of the gram cracker

Reuben Brad Style*

I have been making Reubens for a very long time, since high school I think, I do know that is the first place I remember eating one. If you have never eaten one, I suggest that you at least try it once.


  • 1 Corned Beef Roast, cooked and sliced about 1/8 inch thick
  • Sauerkraut, prepared or from a can
  • Swiss cheese (I prefer baby Swiss)
  • Rye Bread
  • Thousand Island dressing (Miracle Whip if you don't like Thousand Island)
  • Butter or Margarine


  1. Butter one side of two slices of bread and then stack it so that the buttered sides are towards each other, pour about 1 TBSP of the dressing on the top slice of bread (unbuttered side) and spread it evenly.

  2. Add enough thinly sliced Swiss to cover the bread on top of this.

  3. Add on about 3 -4 TBSP of sauerkraut and arrange it evenly so that it is level and uniform across the sandwich.

  4. To this add enough corned beef to cover your sandwich (the number of slices will vary depending on the size of roast you have cooked), cover with more Swiss cheese.

  5. Here is the tricky part, take the bottom piece of bread, and turn it over onto the top of the sandwich so that the buttered side is facing out. Set the pile on a griddle or pan.

  6. Toast both sides, and its ready to serve.

pictures of how to make this sandwich are at:

Brad's Awesome Hummus

Having been diagnosed with gout and researching it, i decided to go with a greek menu for a while to prevent the painful flare-ups it worked for a while and I really like it a lot, since coming up with this recipe I have had many requests for it from people who also suffer from gout...


  • 1 can garbanzo beans/chickpeas
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 roasted red bell pepper

In a food processor, blend all ingredients together until smooth and creamy.

Serve immediately with pita bread, pita chips, or veggies. Store in a airtight container for up to three days.

this was my twist on a recipie that I had found... I aded a few things to taste, its rather awesome in my opinion and has a very good color to match the delicate flavors...

just made a second batch, chopped smoother, also added olives and an extra 1/2 tsp oregano and 2 squrts of frank's original to it... 2 words "tottally awesome"

Brad's Cherry Cocktail to help Gout

Recently I was diagnosed with gout, a very horrible horrible disorder. Imagine having kidney stones in your joints, when you get a flare up it is just so painful that you want to die. While doing research for things to prevent flare ups I discovered that sour cherry juice can prevent flare ups... so I came up with this and it doesnt taste bad at all, matter fact it kinda tastes like koolaide...

2 oz cherry juice

1 TBS lime juice

1/3 cup sugar

22 oz water

Monty Python - always look on the bright side of life

Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best... And...always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the light side of life...

If life seems jolly rotten
There's something you've forgotten
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
When you're feeling in the dumps
Don't be silly chumps
Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing. And...always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the light side of life...

For life is quite absurd
And death's the final word
You must always face the curtain with a bow.
Forget about your sin - give the audience a grin
Enjoy it - it's your last chance anyhow. So always look on the bright side of death Just before you draw your terminal breath

Life's a piece of shit
When you look at it
Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true.
You'll see it's all a show
Keep 'em laughing as you go
Just remember that the last laugh is on you. And always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the right side of life... (Come on guys, cheer up!) Always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the bright side of life... (Worse things happen at sea, you know.) Always look on the bright side of life... (I mean - what have you got to lose?) (You know, you come from nothing - you're going back to nothing. What have you lost? Nothing!) Always look on the right side of life...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still Making Changes

Well apparently the powers that be have caused flash to no longer to run the same as does java script... it really bites that they have brought themselves to do such.... I remember having probs writing DHTML scripts because of this very same thing.. thus it made it hard for me to keep my Web Design Business going and eventually gave up..

Well attempted last night to use mms to post so that it wouldn't end up as 4 or 5 posts.. and it didnt work as email either.. it really bites too... to bad there isn't an app for that...

on another note.. talked to a good friend last night... caught up on some things and made some plans for the future... im hoping that soon all this crap that's going on to be over and I can get back into having my life back and making good of it...

Im thinking thats all thats for now and will try and post another post later... oh on a side note, I did find this morning that my web show "The Whysprs Show" had been picked up in Cambodia.. i havnt posted anymore episodes cause been too busy with other things... but intend to have more soo.... thianks for stoping by and please leave me a note to say you were here...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

first to come of my vids..

I am seriously making the move away from face book cause of all the drama that has blown up there the past year.. this is one of my youtube vids and plan on having more,, enjoy

well i truely am at a loss right now

Craziness, apparently after the spouting I did with some one over crap the ex has done and defending myself.. all because I simply thought I needed to which was highly stupid, I lost 24 friends, I am seriously thinking that I shall actually just close my account or at the very least just make everything not visible... I am starting to understand why along time ago that I soo hated technology.

well this was just a spouting to get things off my chest a bit... thanks for listening.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow still hot out there..

82 but heat index of 101 still...

crazy how hot it got today, and tonight its still not letting up.. walked the dog and came back in drenched in sweat... time to take yet another bath today, night all.


Another Hot Day!

whew, here im seeing that the temp is soaring in to the high 90's with heat index over 115 F... its even hot in the house. I have hidden my status posts from a certain select 70 people who have Melissa as a friend for I feel I can not trust very many people at this time. I have actually shown some statuses such as the one ones to stay cool... the link to my blog is shared with those I trust only because my ex is a stalker.

I just finished filling out my financial affidavit for court, and will take it to the court house tomorrow along with mailing it out to her lawyer as I am supposed to, I however cant get into that stupid class until 2 months from now. She is already showing that she is not using the lessons learned in the class other than to use it to her advantage, it taught her how to use my daughter against me instead of how to not do it...

On another note, I have finished Walden and suggest it to any one who wants to expand thier thoughts on how we as a society have made ourselves slaves to wages and how to fix it... it was very very eye opening and was written in 1845 - 1854 and still rings true to this day..

audio book:

Gutenberg text version: