Tuesday, September 06, 2011

the start

I can tell you that I never want to relive this again... I still am feeling quite weak at this moment

Ugg moldy coffee can kill you and other things

Last night at work turned into a real terror real fast for me. I decided to eat some rice with sugar and butter in it for lunch at about 1 am this morning and knowing that work did not have sugar because of a couple of my residents having diabetes and knowing that I had sugar in a baggy in my instant coffee reserves in the truck, I decided to get the sugar out of the truck. It seemed to be a good idea at the time and I have really been craving butter and sugar rice for the past couple days. When I brought the coffee container into the house I noticed that the coffee in its entirety was a big clump blocking the mouth of the jar and was going to have to bust the clumps to get to the sugar... Here is where my night took a turn and could have needed in Anaphylaxis. Apparently the coffee after getting wet a few weeks ago fermented in the heat and then after that began to mold and just by simply touching this caused hives over a period of 45 minutes that covered my entire body from head to toe. I have never in all my life ever itched soo bad and is another medical symptom that I would never wish on my worse enemy. needless to say the world spining at the hours of 2 am til 4 am sucks .. But I am alive.

I know I havnt been posting as often as I have in the past and I am thinking this is going to become a weekly thing even though at time I may come in and write something daily.. I will however make at least a weekly entry.. for those who follow me... please leave me a note or something just so that I have a reason to keep posting... yeah I know I should beg but please leave me some kind of note to say you read me.. thanks,