Monday, January 06, 2014

Man is it cold 1/6/14

Oh my gosh it was cold last night.. we got hit with a massive storm that brought in a cold front that supposedly hasn't been seen in 30 years.. funny side is I remember one that was just like last night back in 98 I think.. I say this because for one I was out working at the gas station in it and two I walked both ways to work. I remember the doors to the station freezing while I was out taking the trash out and cleaning the parking lot.. it was just as windy as last night in that the wind was blowing me across the parking lot.
It was just so hard to keep it warm in the trailer last night. The 2 electric heaters was not keeping up because the wind was just cutting through the entire time. The last time I was up which was at 2:30 AM the ambient temperature outside was -7• F and and inside it said it was 41° F but the floor was colder than that, especially in the bathroom. The water in the bowl had the start of ice on it. My sewage tank froze last night as well I think which means I will have to probably wait a few days before I can break it loose enough to dump it.
    In all honesty, I cannot wait for spring to get here and I pray for temps to get back up above 32°F ... anyone know of anyplace in the USA that gets cold but not below 32° or at least not with I may just move there if you do. I seriously am done with the cold.
    On the lighter side of things, if the cold stays like it is and I can't get my baptism done before the 16th I will be putting it off until my friends and our new family from the church get back from Florida.

Thanks for the read,