Friday, July 29, 2011

"And there was a war in heaven"

Well, looks like its time to go into "survival mode". I write this so that there is a record if for some reason that something happens to me in the near future, that this my story of things that may happen in the next few days, weeks, or months will be known.

First of all let me tell you the back groud story abit. I belong to this "club" as it was referred to me as where "we" supposedly "have each others back" if anything happens to anyone or some is giving any of the members any problems... At first it seemed to be a good thing, to be a member of an "elite" group of friends.. Most of the people in it seem to be "has-beens" and "what-nots" and all around the down trodden of the local area.. I joined, and "received my mark," a tattoo on my right hand near my thumb for it, it has now become a dark smudge to me, even though there are a lot of people around here that knows what it means and they seem to fear it.. those who caused this fear were "taken care of" by some members of the group by being "roughed up" and their tattoo covered up by force, or at least that is what I have been told in the past... If those things have happened in reality, I really cannot say or not if it really happened.

I recently stopped in at a local convienice store to get gas, and one of the elders in the group we call "the ark angels" that I belong to aproaches me and this is what played out..

(him) very angrily, "We need to talk".
( me) "OK, what about?"
(him) "I was recently told that I and the rest of the brothers are now considered 'hostile'."
( me) "Hmmm let me guess? xxxxx? or xxxxx?"
(him) "Im not talking about it here, call me later"
( me) "seriously? I don't see any of the brothers and being hostile, only those who have been possibly talking crap and taking my ex's side about all this crap that's been going on"
(him) "Seriously, I'm not talking about that here, call me later, cause I cant talk about it at work"
( me) "OK Whats your number?"
(him) "You don't have it? Its the same number it has been since forever it is XXX-XXX-XXX"
( me) "Alright I will call later then"
(him) "You better"

Any ways, I have jumped to survival mode, because for one, if some one comes to track me down there is no telling what is gonna happen... but I'm not going down like anyone else they have "taken care" of....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

After the Funeral and Family

Well, yesterday was the visitation for my Aunt Barb who passed away Sunday morning. At the visitation, I got to see relation that I have not seen in a very long time, some of which come to find out are very religious and we clicked. I do believe that my one cousin will be very good for me to get closer to simply because of this. on the other side I also met with a cousin that I have not seen in about 30 years... both last night and today after the funeral service, we went to another cousin's home and ate, we all bonded during this time and I do believe that some of us became closer... Its amazing that I really have such a good family even if they are not my immediate family...

Well, I'm gonna get out of here for a while and go shoot some zombies on the xbox for a bit, good night


Will post tomorrow

too lote to post tonight... I will post something tomorrow

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whew! I'm wore out tonight..

Well firstly I went to court to find out that supposedly I now have several businesses in my name and all are making money... Wow!!! Don't I wish!!! yeah that's why I still have been driving a piece of crap 1992 ford escort that I has had to be rebuilt twice and is on its last leg.. I mean seriously... If I was to be making money due to having businesses, I would have quit the job that I am really starting to hate and just earned money via my business...

After court (Around noon) I came home fixed a fried balogna sandwich and set off to go fishing... I just made it home about 10PM.. Needless to say I am burnt, and tired. We went to 2 different places, one of which I had to carry my filled 5 gallon bucket some 200 yrds to where we were fishing..

LOL the first fish I caught was most definitely a keeper, however I apparently put it on the stringer wrong and it was dead when I pulled it out of the water before we decided to go some where else and get out of the sun... so I was left with small fish to clean tonight...

Its all good, I came home to a very good stir fried meal...Thanks Honey (She takes sooo good care of me) :P

Well I'm beat and going to get heading off to bed... Thanks for reading me and as always, leave a note letting me know you were here...


Monday, July 25, 2011

Cooler, But Still More Heat

Although last nights rain cooled it off overnight and the temp this morning was in the low 70's, it is now 95 with a heat index of 115...
I went fishing this morning after breakfast and intend on going again after dark... might have to go and buy a light up bobber, I need to put meat on the table, especially after the fiasco last night.. I really wish I was closer to the lake and at least had a large inner tube, for I would at least set some trot lines and provide at least some catfish...

Remember leave a not to say you were here, thanks for reading...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Life, and Something Like It...

I know I havn't written the past couple of days, I lol have actually been busy shopping and getting bills paid after work Friday and yesterday I spent a lot of time on the 360.. I actually fell asleep last night fairly early to the point that it reset my biological clock so that I woke up at about 4ish AM.

I got up and fixed breakfast, a very huge omelet and made biscuits from scratch.. these I made in the roaster oven outside so it didn't heat up the house... Anyways, I had just sat down to eat and watch the episode of "Torch Wood" that I missed Friday night, when I get a text message tell me.. "Hey my mom passed away last night"... I paused then asked who it was, it was my cousin Bill .. My Mom's sister Barb, passed away sometime in the night.. I have since ran around like a chicken with its head cut off to get a hold of other members of my family, but to no avail... only my brother have I gotten a hold of....

Anyways, I'm backingoff here and still try and get ahold of my mom, its gonna kill her to hear it im sure....

Peace be with you and please leave a not sayin you have been here...