Wednesday, December 05, 2012

12-5-12 Messed Up Dreams

Why do I keep having these dreams of trains that I and 3 others and the dog end up on? Lots of hills that we go up and down and almost go over a cliff at the end...  The bottom of the strain car has a hole that alot of stuff keeps falling out of when we go over bridges and we are actually siting in an inclied position on the same kind of junk and holding onto straps or something. Theres tanks that for some reason i think they are some kind of refueling station that we pass by on regular intervals. I feel they are similar to propane even though ive never seen this kind before .. long skinny tanks that stand upright and then have clusters of speres on top and half way to the top.. they are solid white and when they put them in the build a huge scafolding to do so. I know this becase in the dream i just awoke from.. it started with them cutting down trees and brances and vines over my house the scafolding was even over my house and in my dream my house sat back farther than mine does now. The 2 of the 3 other people i know. My girlfriend, her son and the dog but the 3rd guy i have no clue as to who he is. I feel he makes me real uncomfortable.. i just wish i knew why i keep having this dream.. ugg