Friday, October 07, 2011

Class of 1991 Rulez

Class of 19991 Rulez.. this is what I put among other things on the tapestry that was shoved into the time capsule 20 years ago..
My high school years were pretty good I think, I mean that I have made other friends and connections that I had not had prior, even though I remember knowing almost every one I went to school with cause alot of them I knew since head start. But I did make new friends as well that were not even originally from this area and found that every one knew me by face but not nessesarily by name at the reunion.

I remember high school very well, while most people were mingling and going to dances and other school functions, I did not. I myself for the first 2 years of high school was learning all the ins and out of the bait business and how it was going to be one of the only things that my step-father was leaving behind for me when he passed away in the fall of 1988 which was my sophomore year of school. My step-father was flat out mean at times but he most definitely knew business and moreso he knew the things I was to learn to make the business flourish...

Other than runing the bait shop I learned more about business than I am guessing I was supposed to, what I mean about this is that I did not get an allowance however after many an argument with my mom I did manage to get her to give me $5 per week to at least get me seconds in the cafeteria to eat. This money went for this at first, and then I obtained a smoking habit and was spending this measly $5 per week on a pack of smokes daily.. at this time Marlboro had just came out with mediums and was selling them for $1 a pack.. I found I could get served at a little market and I began to turn a profit, buying 5 packs on Monday and selling 4 before lunch at $2 per pack, this allowed me to not only eat lunch but still buy more smokes at lunch if I didn't eat in the cafeteria. By the spring of my Sophmore year I was turning a decent profit simply because I started getting lunch money weekly.

The summer before my Junior year became an whole new ball game.. I started running with the crowd in Bonnie when my mom was at home before she would go to work, and then had to be back to work the bait shop.. this went on until a few weeks before school started up again and then it was back to the prison bait shop once again.

Shortly after school started I found that I had been getting benefits from my step-father after he died and demanded to my mom <yeah I know it wasn't the right thing to do> that I get the back amount of allowance and considering that I was made to watch the bait shop from the time I got up until the buss picked me up and then as soon as I was droped off from school, I never had time of my own and was a prisoner of that wretched place and I figured I deserved it, plus all I asked for was $250 which was to buy me a dirt bike. This didnt fall through but I did end up buying a pool que, to which I started sneaking down to Bonnie and learned to play... I excelled at this and ended up not only using my $5 for smokes but would spend days scalping in pool as a shark at the "8 ball" which turned out to be owned by the "local mafia" which ended that rather quickly. <another story on its own>

my Junior and Senior years I spent more time in Bonnie, chasing 1 single girl that would never have me, which ended up being a learning lesson later in life and is probably something I should have learned back then.. either way it caused all kinds of missed opportunities and eventually caused part of my reputation.. but thats a whole different story and its getting me off story. other than saying that my Junior and senior years I became a very bad person.. I found that I liked tequila and whiskey and they were my best friends when I had the chance, drank them strait or mixed together as a bandanna where you float on drink on top of another, so I would sometimes sandwich in layers tequila and whiskey and then tequila or vise-versa  so it looked clear gold clear for I found I preferred silver Juarez over the others for it was cheaper..

 Anyways I have gotten way off track and to write all about my school years it would be a rather large novel of which I tried to sum up just a little here. even though I stopped short. Perhaps I do need to go ahead and write that book as a friend of mine has been telling me I need to do.