Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fighting against the world

Sandi and I were talking earlier about me going bald and how I am pretty scary looking when I'm bald. Reminisced of how she remembered me and how I seemed in highschool when we first met. Afterwards it sent me into memories of how my fight my entire life has been with the world and how I could have concurred the world long ago had I not allowed myself to get distracted along the way. I have seen how I have been distracted from my end game for far too long. Even though I was shown my death on more than one occation of dieing alone between 32-36. These visions and predictions have never come to pass, which leads me to my post I was originally going to post about. In a nutshell I was going to draw on a story of how when things are predicted that they dont always come true or dont come to pass as to how they are predicted.. dont get caught up with it because really all you end up doing is wasting your life to make that prediction come true.. for more details on what I mean, you will have to either comment this post about it or wait for my book to get written and published and read about it there..