Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Blues

I used to love winter, back when I was younger. We used to make forts, hunt and did self sustained practice in it... mostly now that I think about it, it was the only time I was able to get away from the shop, perhaps that is why I have so many fond memories of it. The spring, summer and fall was our bussiest times of year and so I was stuck at the bait shop.. the family business.. all those days wasted to run the precious business that was my step dads dream... why was he not there if it was his dream?? Good question. I remember him being considered legally blind, yet in the span of a year and a half he completely took apart the motor of a ford ltd and put it back together. He spent a lot of time fishing as well.. testing out baits and we as a team was also known to gather baits such as crawfish, minnows and shad.. after the first year or so with him it was then me and my step brother..

Sigh.. I really don't dislike winter as much as I say I do.. I just can't handle the cold.. its painful on the arthritis and with the lack of a working thyroid I just can't get warm. I used to love hunting in the winter but seem to have lost the taste of the act.. I do love the eats that come from it though.

Anyways, looking back at my youth.. those days in the bait shop.. that is where I learned to cook.. shows like "the frugal gormet" " the cajun cook" "yen can cook" and others that I can't remember.. yeah my step dad was a good cook, but wasn't alllowed in the kitchen most of the time when he was cooking.. those were also the years that I was taught to become self suffcient and to survive in the woods on my own with only a knife... I eventually took over the business in 87 when my step dad died, I was 14. ...

I gotta go. Will try and post more later