Saturday, July 16, 2011

first to come of my vids..

I am seriously making the move away from face book cause of all the drama that has blown up there the past year.. this is one of my youtube vids and plan on having more,, enjoy

well i truely am at a loss right now

Craziness, apparently after the spouting I did with some one over crap the ex has done and defending myself.. all because I simply thought I needed to which was highly stupid, I lost 24 friends, I am seriously thinking that I shall actually just close my account or at the very least just make everything not visible... I am starting to understand why along time ago that I soo hated technology.

well this was just a spouting to get things off my chest a bit... thanks for listening.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow still hot out there..

82 but heat index of 101 still...

crazy how hot it got today, and tonight its still not letting up.. walked the dog and came back in drenched in sweat... time to take yet another bath today, night all.


Another Hot Day!

whew, here im seeing that the temp is soaring in to the high 90's with heat index over 115 F... its even hot in the house. I have hidden my status posts from a certain select 70 people who have Melissa as a friend for I feel I can not trust very many people at this time. I have actually shown some statuses such as the one ones to stay cool... the link to my blog is shared with those I trust only because my ex is a stalker.

I just finished filling out my financial affidavit for court, and will take it to the court house tomorrow along with mailing it out to her lawyer as I am supposed to, I however cant get into that stupid class until 2 months from now. She is already showing that she is not using the lessons learned in the class other than to use it to her advantage, it taught her how to use my daughter against me instead of how to not do it...

On another note, I have finished Walden and suggest it to any one who wants to expand thier thoughts on how we as a society have made ourselves slaves to wages and how to fix it... it was very very eye opening and was written in 1845 - 1854 and still rings true to this day..

audio book:

Gutenberg text version: