Saturday, February 14, 2015

brr its cold again

The last few days has been really cold, like really cold. its been above freezing the last couple weeks but the last few days it dropped down to a meager 12*F.  This morning I allowed Rossie and JoJo to have their date. I think he has been wanting it for some time now, so I'm hoping the deed is done and we have bunnies in about a month or so.  we will probably breed the other two in about a month or so. The lady we obtained our bunnies from said that Rosie should produce up to 5 bunnies and the other two should produce up to 8 each. that's a lot of bunnies..

Sandi has named the other two bunnies, the bigger and friendlier of the two she has named Maggie and the other one Sassy. I have a lot i need to do with soon, such as building the new hutches and chicken coop... i need to get on it soon so that it is done but money has been a bit short and its time again to soon be paying our house payment. but He will provide for us as He always does. It is so Awesome to for God care for us enough to provide as he does!!

well guess I need to get finding things to do today, Happy Valentines Day and will be posting again soon!
from our little farmstead