Sunday, June 28, 2015

Many things a goin on

There's been many things going on as of late, crops seem to be not as good as intended because of the flooding that we had and apparently not all of the things I planted bothered to come up, so will be replanting soon. The both of the lawn mowers have decided to give up the ghost as did the weed-eater, so I am now the proud owner of a scythe and will be doing things the old way. Chickens are doing rather well however and we are getting about half a dozen eggs every other day, its still not up to what I would like but still is getting there and by October we should have about a dozen more daily. We may end up with more chickens over the winter or next spring it all depends on what all happens in the next few months. We will be doing what ever needs to be done to keep our little stake of land in this vast world, even if the farm doesn't become as self sufficient as I wish it was at this time. Even though it's a bit hard for me to get around tight now I will just have to hunker up as always and just tough the pain out...

We have a turkey sitting on at least 1 egg right now and maybe more, I haven't taken a look as of yet and I hate to disturb her as of yet, but will probably do that tomorrow. I'm hoping that she has some firtile ones or there's no need for to be broody. I butchered out the first set of rabbits over the weekend and plan on starting to tan the fur as well.. I already found a buyer but will also try and sell locally as well if I can get some one to buy it. Also believe I may start writing again as well.. I keep feeling this welling up inside of me to tell these stories that need to be told but plan on it to be a way to pay for my farm as well... We need to be sustained and I really can't deal with the stress that it is putting on anyone here with me by working... Anyways that is all for now and please watch for changes to be coming to my blog... You will understand what I mean soon.. Thanks for reading