Thursday, May 23, 2013

52313 Uggg! Sickness comes.

I know I havn't posted in some time, we have been busy with it being planting season and all... we have been doing good sofar with our plants and then I got sick.. my face is swollen almost as bad as it was at the begining of the year when I had the strep infection. It started with what I thought was a sinus infection and over the last week I have tried 3 diffrent antihistimines with the final one being benadryl last firday. And guess what happened. Gout flair up.. This time it was in my other foot, and come to find out its in 3 toes on my right foot not just my big one, I think I could have dealt with it easier if it was in my other foot. Yesterday I awoke with my jaw swollen but the glands in my throat was no longer swollen. After all the pain and the continue of the swelling all day yesterday and after being awoken in the midle of the night in so much pain that I was gonna go crazy, this morning when I woke up and Sandi looked at me, she demanded I go to hospital, which we did... 3 hrs later they tell me I have an infection.. I was like "Duh".. regardless I now have antibiotics, which I really am a bit scared to be taking, simply because they have already gotten my gout pain to worsen and I fear being in severe pain once again like I was back in january from antibiotics.. 10 antibiotics last time was 3 weeks to a month of the worse pain in my life and had to deal with it to work...

Ben, I still havt forgotten about you, I just have been rather busy and caught up with a lot going on ove here..