Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3.26.1666 Looking up from the far side of the moon

Ahh days of bye gones and days that didn't happen yet... or have they? Yeah I know I put 1666, I was trying to see if you would notice.. haha.
sandi and I after church tonight decided to have a spot of tea.. err coffee at a local greasy spoon.. OK so not so local owned but a franchise.. anyways since I'm no longer employees with the place that I was, I'm in better spirits of sorts... been hitting church and really enjoying it. A dear friend of mine got saved over the weekend and is full of questions and actually calls me back instead of avoiding me now. Now if we could just get the temperature to go up and the rains and snow to clear away, as well as my dirt to get brought, then life would be grand.
I think over the next few days between filling out applications, I will start building the enclosures for the raised beds and things will be even better.. quite frankly, I'm not stressed as badly now, and feel that life can take that slower pace if even for just a little while..
Take care and God bless,