Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 days til the reunion and 3 days til deer season

I'm pretty psyched for my 20 yr Highschool reunion that is coming up on Friday... A lot of people I haven't seen in forever, some of which really doesn't matter, but a few I do truly miss visiting with. Albeit that most of my friends were either in the years prior to the class of 91 or after, but still I have a bunch of friends that were my age as well.

Saturday morning at about 630 am is the official start of deer season, Friday I need to go get my tags, I do fully intend on getting one this year.. I am tired of being dependent on other people to get a deer and beg for scraps of theirs.. Instead I want to feel the rush of taking the shot and letting loose an arrow from my own hand and watch it plunge deep into the vitals of a deer that I may in fact feed my family... I plan fully on utilizing as much of it as possible, especially the meat and hide.. Do I have to high of expectations? Maybe, I know its gonna be a lot of work and is gonna be hard to carry one out on my own, but at least its not an elk or moose, I would never be able to pull out something soo big... Anyways just wanted to get this out here and hope that it doesn't offend anyone... have a nice day and hope to see you on the next entry..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google plus... get it all together in the same place

Google plus recently opened to the public and I am already loving it. the new google set up allows everything together in the same place, now I just need every one to move over to it as well... Face book has recently went to crap to the effect that I cannot even log in to it from my phone now to post or reply simply because when I send from my phone it makes every comment or reply a new status...The whole ordeal was just an entire bad idea, and they really didn't think things through as they redone everything... well except for the mobile stuff.