Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some of the Latest

I now have Nate and myself signed up for the Illinois Hunters Safety course so that he can get his hunting license and go with me this year. Its a 2 day affair and am looking forward to it.. it is supposed to give me 3 days off from work because I court the day before.
I had a friend send me a message this evening on Facebook saying that a black cougar was spotted last night just a few blocks from the house, so when I walk the dog from now on I need to be fairly careful and keep an eye out.

Squirrel hunting started August 1, soon deer hunting will start on Oct 1 and rabbit follows a month later at the second Sunday of November and of course ground hog has been in since June.. yet ever since the seasons have started I have seen neither a ground hog nor squirrel that I could get to hunt..

this weekend will be tough on me 'cause they fired one person and another one quit at work, so I get to take up their hours, work evening then soon as I get off come home and sleep so that I can be right back to work, at least its more $$ i guess...

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~ Brad

Monday, August 15, 2011

Greying hair? Really?

Sent from my mobile. Enjoy.

I know I keep telling myself to write and write and it just doesnt happen.. Something comes up and I forget or loose track of time and dont get an entry in.
Apparently stress does take a toll on the human body, I was once blonde and now im turning grey... I'm thinking it is from the stress of this divorce.. I have decided that once it is over, I think I want to travel away from this area. She turned my children against me and I really don't think I can stand to be here anymore. My son has only recently started talking to me but he lives some 200 miles away. I truely feel lost at this point and feel I have to constantly look over my shoulders like I'm a criminal and I truely should not have any reason to feel that way. The blow up a few weeks ago had to do with this whole thing by the way... A lot of what is going on is how she makes me feel like crap and how she lies about things... Even to my friends...

Anyways, I am in a down kinda mood and trying to bring myself out