Monday, March 24, 2014

Feelings and Dealings... 3/24

Saturday we went to a town about an hour away to visit a predominant music store. Afterwards we hit the mall, one of the stores we often visit because it has a lot of natural items and your not the run of the mill items in it, after visiting it this time and and after delving deeper and deeper into the scriptures I don't feel so well about going into these kind of places anymore. My back ground from the 15+ years of the occult lends me to have knowledge of some things that others just don't see and that armed with new scriptures on a daily basis also fully arms me with lots of ammo of what is going on in the world.

Some of the things I'm talking about is the ability to hold something and gain knowledge of a previous user of the item or just plain and simply get the feeling from objects.. most notably stones and or things used for ceremonial uses and scents.. when I go places like the naturals store, I am very careful to not touch any of the stones or anything that is typically used for alters or magick because I feel the vibe that certain items cast off.. stones are real difficult for me.. I used to use them a lot in magick so it kind of follows me a bit ... I hate having knowledge of things some times but it happens.

We have been reading from Colossians and it talks about wearing the clothes of new man and that the old man is gone... well it seems that my old man likes to show up some times and mess with me just a little.. soo hard to deal with some times but I have faith that God will keep me free from it...