Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Respect from the ex just doesn't even happen

Apparently my daughter cut herself back in my ex wife's birthday. I didn't find out about this incident until this last Saturday which was 2 weeks later. Matter of fact no one even told me at all, not my ex, not my step kids, not anybody. I had to find this out by reading on Facebook that she was in the hospital and that was only because my youngest stepdaughter said she had went to visit her at the hospital in another city. I had no clue as to why she was there or why other than I had figured it had happened on the 4th because that is when she quit posting on Facebook. Either way it is plain disrespect full and pretty shitty that no one let me know that my 14 yr old daughter almost died because of a 4-6 inch long cut through her bicep which could have very easily severed the artery that is there and wouldn't have necessarily had a chance to make it to the hospital for help. This is the 3rd time that her boyfriend has been there to help and has done way so much more than her mom has for her when things like this happen.. I do believe I'm liking him more and more, he takes care of my baby girl for me... Thanks Micheal!
Than for the read,

Just wanted to tell ya out there, I know I'm no where close to being the Christian that I wish I were, matter of fact I have wasted many of the gifts that have been given to me through God. But the world needs to start to Pray.. just pray, not necessarily for anything, but just pray. It brings you closer to God, and in these days He is very much needed.