Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Have you a dream?

90% of people in the United States give up on their dreams by the time they are 28 years old.
It is something we are taught that if you work hard and long hours that we can have all we want and and that you need to finance your vacations and keep up with the neighbors and their toys.

Did you know that you don't have to keep up with the neighbors and you don't have to finance your vacations?

We as a society have forgotten how to dream, how to really dream. I too had forgotten what it was like to dream. In the last few months I have begun to dream again. This is because of some people I have recently met in December. I have now learned that there are ways to win your dreams and accomplish them.

1.) Be willing to bet on yourself.
2.) Lead your life instead of letting your life lead you.
3.) Love what you do and do what you love. (This one I have always heard)
4.) Don't compare yourself or your dreams to someone elses.
5.) Believe in your vision of the future even when no one else does.

Above all else, Don't let anyone make you believe it is not possible to accomplish your dreams.

Lies, Lies and more Lies

There are many excuses that we ot someone else tells us that crushes and kills our dreams, here are just a couple of them and the truth that can defeat them.

The first lie that crushes dreams is that "dreams don't come true for ordinary people.."

The truth is, you are not ordinary so of course your dream can come true.

The second lie most often told to crush dreams is that if your dream isn't big, that it isn't worth going after.

The truth is that your dream doesn't have to be big, it just has to be bigger than you. Meaning that it has to be big enough for you to just get out of your comfort zone and strive for more.

The third biggest lie told to crush your dreams is that now is not the time to follow your dreams.

The truth is that if you don't chase those dreams now, then you may never chase them and not make them come true.
In my opinion this is the one that crushes your dreams the worst because it is the one that makes you forget them altogether.

I had a dream at one time that I was going to travel and see the home of my ancestors in Scotland and Ireland. Did I do it? Not yet, but I plan to in the near future.

Until next time, God bless you.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Winds of change

Today I have had a bit of time to think and recollect, collect my thoughts on things a bit. I do this quite a bit when I'm doing other work such as working with my hands. Things come to my mind and things can focus a bit when I get out of that busy type of time that hits me when I'm at work and such. Just the simple business of people that break my thought pattern. Today I constructed steps onto the back porch, the ones that were there previous kinda became a death trap the last 2 weeks and was falling apart. just in time for a good friend to get ahold of me and ask if i needed a deck (Thanks Gary). So today I put the steps together and it has given me some time to think about things..

I started the day out by walking over and talking to the neighbor across the street. I never really talked to him before, he's a nice guy and seems more knowledgeable than he gives himself credit for. We had extra eggs so I took him 2 dozen. I didnt expect to get anything in return for this at all, but it gave me a chance to get to know him. Anyways I am getting distracted from my point.

Thinking can sometimes get me in trouble because I tend to over analyze things but i also work things out in my head to by turning it over and over and over in my head until i figure it out. I think it may have me on the right track on getting this elephant back up to where I need it.. but I will get back to you on that...

Have a great day.

Also, the photo in my back ground is from my back yard, just thought I would give ya a glimpse of the beauty around my life..

Sunday, May 08, 2016

elephant wrangling

Last night i had a realization, im thinking its because of an issue im having mentally right now, but my elephant is no longer in clear view... Let me explain this a little but better so that you May understand what i mean. The elephant represents my dreams and aspirations in life, it has been repressed for oh so many years through my brokenness and and relationships in the past.. I let my dreams go by the wayside all those many years in my past so my elephant has been hidden for a very long time. Over the last few weeks ive been reading a book that was for my mens leadership group that i participate in every month. There was some parts that messes with my personal beliefs and that is the part u think that has me messed up in my head, it has allowed my ant or conscious mind to stop me dead in my tracks thus blocking my elephant. My elephant is scared of the ant, so I'm guessing i just need to quash it and find a way around it.. My plan is that i need to make some smaller dreams and bring them to fruition and go from there..

Also as a side note I ran into one of our life coaches and company's founders Bill Lewis last night.. It was awesome getting to speak with him for those very few moments.