Wednesday, December 24, 2014

God lives

Today at work, me and my co driver and the people on 2 other trucks went together for lunch... Now mind you we are all from many different back grounds and have different ideas... God moves us in all kinds of ways through life and puts us into situations as he did me today. See, today my alarm didn't wake me up this morning, Sandi's did, and I didn't have time to make lunch,I also forgot water bottle while I was running late. We all agreed to meet at Denys to eat lunch. Some how or another we got on a discussion about God and pur beliefs.. Now knowing that in this day and age you can loose your job over discussing God with some one, especially when it is with some one who disagrees that Jesus is the one and only Lord and savior. But I have found that within my co workers that I have at least 2 fellow believers albeit that one isn't as strong willed as the other. Perhaps this is the opportunity that God has put me at Pepsi to help with. Perhaps this is where I am to witness.