Saturday, November 05, 2011

Composting Toilet

Yeah I know I kinda was weird about my last post, I was really tired, however I did get it stained and several layers of poly-urethane have been added I still have to attach the strap hinges that I made for it and it will be finished completely, but figured I would wait until I have my slap hammer available which is at the new place. This can be used camping or in the hunting cabin, or pretty much anywhere you need a toilet. just add either Sphagnum or wood ash to cover your leavings and youre good to go. of course you need to dump it in to the compost pile every once and a while..

Until then here's the pics to keep ya occupied...

with seat cover inplace

seat cover in place

seat cover removed and bucket removed

Hey there's doggy in my

bucket in place and ready for use
Nate pretending to be sick... 

Holy Father, I just wanted to tell you good morning and thank you for giving me strength. Thank you for this beautiful morning... AMEN

Friday, November 04, 2011

No title its just too funny...

LOL, yes I laughed out loud, the reason though was cause of what I had to do today.... LOL I built a crapper box... LOL or rather a composting toilet, I will post pictures later, I am just glad that Sandi didnt take pics as I was building this beast of burden...LOL