Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trials of Fire

Sometimes you can learn from watching things around us. Chinese martial arts was learned by watching animals fighting with each other, such as cranes, tigers, monkeys, praying mantis and the such.
I have chickens, ever see roosters fight? I have 3 roosters and the neighbor has at least 3 as well and they have their rank in my yard by fighting to win their mates

It kind of goes like this:
One runs across the yard and then crows. Another usually the dominant roo runs over and either kicks the other or fluffs its plumage and looks as if it bows and the fight is on. The closest thing I have seen to this outside of nature was at a pow-wow during one of the dances. Wings down and head low and hoping in circles with an occasional kick. The kicks look similar to a round house kick from shoto-kan karate. I am guessing this is because of the spurs on the sides of their legs which is for defence and offense. They also will strike with their wings as well. You wouldn't think that something like a chicken feather would be good armor but it seems so.