Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Things are not always as diffrent as they may seem

The title for this week isn't quite as strange as it may seem. I know, I like to confuse you a little bit, right?

Tonight we were discussing things a little off topic at our group, and things seem to be that there's a little bit of similarities going on, amongst us all. Things that I thought at a time were diffrent only to me and me alone. Apparently not. This has been about the 3rd time this has come about. And my question is, do I use these times as a time to try and explain or witness about these events or do I just let it go and leave these people in the dark. I mean I'm already kind of looked at as being the odd member and I really don't want to make it seem like I'm poking fun or belittling them.

I know some of the things I say seems extra ordinary and made up and sometimes seems far fetched, but I assure you that even though I will sometimes joke about things, there are certain things I refuse to joke about.. and these things that we talked about tonight were some of those things..

Anyways talk at ya later

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